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Fecundity and egg volume in Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) from different depths in the northern Tyrrhenian Sea
M. Mori, M. Modena, and F. Biagi - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(2): 111-116 Abstract PDF
Aspects of the reproductive biology of the toadfish, Halobatrachus didactylus (Schneider, 1801) (Pisces: Batrachoididae)
José L. Palazón-Fernández, Alberto M. Arias and Carmen Sarasquete - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(2): 131-138 Abstract PDF
Preliminary estimate of spawning frequency and batch fecundity of Brazilian flathead, Percophis brasiliensis, in coastal waters off Buenos Aires Province
M.I. Militelli and G.J. Macchi - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(2): 169-172 Abstract PDF
Basin-scale changes of total organic carbon profiles in the eastern South Atlantic
X.A. Alvarez-Salgado, F.F. Pérez, A.F. Ríos and M.D. Doval - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(1): 1-10 Abstract PDF
Total lipid in the broodstock diet did not affect fatty acid composition and quality of eggs of sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L.)
J. Mª Navas, M. Thrush, S. Zanuy, J. Ramos, N. Bromage and M. Carrillo - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(1): 11-19 Abstract PDF
Seasonal pattern of zooplankton biomass in the Argentinian shelf off Southern Patagonia (45º - 55º S)
M.E. Sabatini and G.L. Alvarez Colombo - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(1): 21-31 Abstract PDF
Melanonus zugmayeri Norman, 1930, captured off Portugal. A review of the current knowledge on this species
M. Henriques, A.G. Murta and H.N. Cabral - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(1): 43-46 Abstract PDF
Descriptions of two new species of Eunice Cuvier, 1817 (Polychaeta: Eunicidae) from coastal islands of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil
J.M.M. Nogueira, T.M. Steiner and A.C.Z. Amaral - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(1): 47-57 Abstract PDF
Population size and exploitation of giant squid (Dosidicus gigas D'Orbigny, 1835) in the Gulf of California, Mexico
E. Morales-Bojórquez, A. Hernández-Herrera, M.O. Nevárez-Martínez, M.A. Cisneros-Mata and F.J. Guerrero-Escobedo - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(1): 75-80 Abstract PDF
Species identification of two sympatric hakes by allozymic markers
M.I. Roldán and C. Pla - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(1): 81-84 Abstract PDF
J.M. Gili, J.L. Pretus and T.T. Packard - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2): 1-4 Abstract PDF
Following up on a Margalevian concept: Interactions and exchanges among adjacent parcels of coastal landscapes
I. Valiela, J.L. Bowen, M.L. Cole, K.D. Kroeger, D. Lawrence, W.J. Pabich, G. Tomasky and S. Mazzilli - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2): 215-229 Abstract PDF
A case for tolerance in marine ecology: let us not put out the baby with the bathwater
W.E. Arntz and J.M. Gili - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2): 283-299 Abstract PDF
Field validation of a semi-spherical Lagrangian drifter
M. Gasser, J. Salvador, P. Sangrà and J.L. Pelegrí - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.1): 139-143 Abstract PDF
Determination of metallic complexing capacities of the dissolved organic material in seawater
Luis M. Laglera-Baquer, M. González-Dávila and J.M. Santana-Casiano - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.1): 33-40 Abstract PDF
Carbon dioxide system in the Canary region during October 1995
J. Magdalena Santana-Casiano, M. González-Dávila, L.M. Laglera Baquer and M.J. Rodríguez Somoza - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.1): 41-50 Abstract PDF
Zooplankton abundance in subtropical waters: is there a lunar cycle?
Santiago Hernández-León, C. Almeida, L. Yebra, J. Arístegui, M.L. Fernández de Puelles and J. García-Braun - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.1): 59-64 Abstract PDF
Advection of continental water as an export mechanism for anchovy, Engraulis encrasicolus, larvae
Ana Sabatés, Jordi Salat and M. Pilar Olivar - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.1): 77-88 Abstract PDF
Considerations on the biology of Plesionika edwardsi (Brandt, 1851) (Decapoda, Caridea, Pandalidae) from experimental trap catches in the Spanish western Mediterranean Sea
M. García Rodríguez, A. Esteban and J.L. Pérez Gil - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(4): 369-379 Abstract PDF
The use of cardiac monitoring in the assessment of mercury toxicity in the subtropical pebble crab Gaetice depressus (Brachyura: Grapsidae: Varuninae)
A. Aagaard, B. Styrishave, C.G. Warman and M.H. Depledge - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(4): 381-386 Abstract PDF
The reproductive biology of Spondyliosoma cantharus (L.) from the SW Coast of Portugal
J.M.S. Gonçalves and K. Erzini - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(4): 403-411 Abstract PDF
Short-term fluctuations in bivalve larvae compared with some environmental factors in a coastal lagoon (South Portugal)
Luis M.Z. Chícaro and M. Alexandra Chícharo - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(4): 413-420 Abstract PDF
Fatty acid and sterol composition of gametophytes and sporophytes of Chondrus crispus (Gigartinaceae, Rhodophyta)
M.G. Tasende - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(4): 421-426 Abstract PDF
Estimating the size of Uca tangeri (Crustacea: Ocypodidae) without massive crab capture
R. Lourenço, J. Paula and M. Henriques - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(4): 437-439 Abstract PDF
Age and growth of the southern blue whiting Micromesistius australis in the SW Atlantic
M.C. Cassia - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(3): 269-274 Abstract PDF
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