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Cosmopolitism in sponges: The "complex" Guitarra fimbriata with description of a new species of Guitarra from the northeast Atlantic
Nicole Boury-Esnault, Maurizio Pansini and M.J. Uriz - 1993
Sci. Mar. 57(4): 367-373 Abstract PDF
Combined effects of temperature and salinity on the zoeal development of the green crab, Carcinus maenas (Linnaeus, 1758) (Decapoda: Portunidae)
M. Nagaraj - 1993
Sci. Mar. 57(1): 1-8 Abstract PDF
Tectonics and paleoceanography in the northern sector of the Antarctic Peninsula: Preliminary results of HESANT 1992/93 cruise with the B/O HESPERIDES
A. Maldonado, F. Aldaya, J.C. Balanya, J. Galindo-Zaldivar, R.A. Livermore, F. Miguel-Monseñe, J. Rodríguez-Fernández, M. Roussanov, C. Sanz de Galdeano, E. Suriñach and C. Viseras - 1993
Sci. Mar. 57(1): 79-89 Abstract PDF
Influence of Agulhas waters on the population structure of planktonic Cnidarians in the southern Benguela Region
Francesc Pagès and J.M. Gili - 1992
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3): 109-123 Abstract PDF
Bi-directional conversion in Turritopsis nutricula (Hydrozoa)
G. Bavestrello, C. Sommer and M. Sarà - 1992
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3): 137-140 Abstract PDF
The population dynamics of Halecium petrosum and Halecium pusillum (Hydrozoa, Cnidaria), epiphytes of Halimeda tuna in the nortwestern Mediterranean
R. Coma, I. Llobet, M. Zabala, J.M. Gili and R.G. Hughes - 1992
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3): 161-169 Abstract PDF
Non-Siphonophoran Hydrozoa: what are we talking about?
Bouillon, J., F. Boero, F. Cicogna, J.M. Gili and R.G. Hughes - 1992
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3): 279-284 Abstract PDF
Standardization of fishing effort using principal component analysis of vessel characteristics: the mexican tuna purse-seiners
Sofía Ortega-García and Víctor M. Gómez-Muñoz - 1992
Sci. Mar. 56(1): 17-20 Abstract PDF
Calculation of runoff to an estuary. Ria de Vigo
A.F. Ríos, M.A. Nombela, F.F. Pérez, G. Roson and F. Fraga - 1992
Sci. Mar. 56(1): 29-33 Abstract PDF
Exogoninae (Polychaeta: Syllidae) from the Canary Islands
Jorge Núñez, Guillermo San Martín and M.C. Brito - 1992
Sci. Mar. 56(1): 43-52 Abstract PDF
Biochemical parameters during reproduction of the toad fish, Halobatrachus didactylus (Schneider, 1801)
M. Rosety, M. Blanco, M.L. González de Canales, A. Grau and M.C. Sarasquete - 1992
Sci. Mar. 56(1): 87-94 Abstract PDF
Medusae (Hydrozoa, Scyphozoa, Cubozoa) of the Benguela Current (southeastern Atlantic)
F. Pagès, J.M. Gili and J. Bouillon - 1992
Sci. Mar. 56(Suppl.1): 1-64 Abstract PDF
Mysids from a submarine cave emerge each night to feed
T. Riera, M. Zabala and J. Peñuelas - 1991
Sci. Mar. 55(4): 605-609 Abstract PDF
Age and growth of the grey mullet (Pisces, Mugilidae) in Ria de Aveiro (Portugal)
Luis M. Arruda, José N. Azevedo and Ana I. Neto - 1991
Sci. Mar. 55(3): 497-504 Abstract PDF
A visual assessment of the inshore fishes and fishery resources off El Hierro, Canary Islands: A baseline survey
Stephen A. Bortone, James Van Tassell, Alberto Brito, Jesús M. Falcón and Charles M. Bundrick - 1991
Sci. Mar. 55(3): 529-541 Abstract PDF
Distribution of Cryphus vitreus (Born, 1778) (Brachiopoda) on transect P2 (Continental margin, French Mediterranean coast) investigated by submersible
Christian C. Emig and M.A. García-Carrascosa - 1991
Sci. Mar. 55(2): 385-388 Abstract PDF
Mesoscale coupling between spatial distribution of planktonic cnidarians and hydrographic features along the Galician Coast (Northwestern Iberian Peninsula)
J.M. Gili, F. Pagès and X. Fusté - 1991
Sci. Mar. 55(2): 419-426 Abstract PDF
El glucógeno de las células de almacenamiento del mejillón, Mytilus galloprovincialis Lamarck, 1819: Demostración histoquímica
Silvia Gimeno, M.C. Sarasquete and M.L. González de Canales - 1991
Sci. Mar. 55(2): 453-457 Abstract PDF
Guide to Ichthyoplankton of the Southeast Atlantic (Benguela Current Region)
M. Pilar Olivar and José Manuel Fortuño - 1991
Sci. Mar. 55(1): 1-383 Abstract PDF
Desarrollo larval y postlarval del langostino Pleoticus muelleri Bate, 1888 (Crustacea, Decapoda, Solenoceridae)
María I. Iorio, M. A. Scelzo and E.E. Boschi - 1990
Sci. Mar. 54(4): 329-341 Abstract PDF
Coastal flow modification by submarine canyons along the NE Spanish coast
M. Masó, P.E. LaViolette and J. Tintoré - 1990
Sci. Mar. 54(4): 343-348 Abstract PDF
Chemical composition of the interstitial water in bottom sediments of Tyrrhenian Sea (Western Mediterranean): Diagenetic processes
Samir M. Nasr and Yuri N. Gorsky - 1990
Sci. Mar. 54(3): 249-255 Abstract PDF
Early stages of development and reproductive biology of the South-American eelpout Austrolycus depressiceps Regan, 1913 (Teleostei: Zoarcidae)
Jesús Matallanas, J. Rucabado, D. Lloris and M. Pilar Olivar - 1990
Sci. Mar. 54(3): 257-261 Abstract PDF
Fitoplancton e hidrografía de la bahía de Cádiz (SO España) de abril 1986 a diciembre 1988
Rafael Establier, Julian Blasco, Luis M. Lubián and Abelardo Gómez-Parra - 1990
Sci. Mar. 54(2): 203-209 Abstract PDF
Deep-water Scleractinia (Cnidaria: Anthozoa) from Namibia, South Africa, and Walvis Ridge, southeastern Atlantic
Helmut Zibrowius and J.M. Gili - 1990
Sci. Mar. 54(1): 19-46 Abstract PDF
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