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Short-term changes in the plankton of a highly homogeneous Basin of the Straits of Magellan (Paso Ancho) during spring 1994
T. Antezana and M. Hamamé - 1999
Sci. Mar. 63(Suppl.1): 59-67 Abstract PDF
Preliminary data on chronic effects of ultraviolet radiation on the growth of some phytoplankton species of the Beagle Channel, Argentina
M.P. Hernando and N.A. San Román - 1999
Sci. Mar. 63(Suppl.1): 81-88 Abstract PDF
Particulate organic matter composition in a semi-enclosed Periantarctic system: the Straits of Magellan
M. Fabiano, P. Povero, R. Danovaro and C. Misic - 1999
Sci. Mar. 63(Suppl.1): 89-98 Abstract PDF
Influence of dietary lipid composition on yolk protein components in sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax
O. Carnevali, G. Mosconi, F. Centonze, J.M. Navas, S. Zanuy, M. Carrillo and N.R. Bromage - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(4): 311-318 Abstract PDF
Primary production and phytoplankton in three Galician Rias Altas (NW Spain): seasonal and spatial variability
A. Bode and M. Varela - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(4): 319-330 Abstract PDF
Egg and early larval development of laboratory reared dusky grouper, Epinephelus marginatus (Lowe, 1834) (Picies, Serranidae)
B. Glamuzina, B. Skaramuca, N. Glavic, V. Kozvul, J. Dulcic and M. Kraljevic - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(4): 373-378 Abstract PDF
Distribution patterns and feeding success of anchovy, Engraulis anchoita, larvae off southern Brazil
M.C. Vasconcellos, K.F. Freire and J.P. Castello - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(4): 385-392 Abstract PDF
Growth and reproduction of Xyrichthys novacula (Pisces: Labridae) in the Mediterranean Sea
M. Cardinale, F. Colloca and G.D. Ardizzone - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(3): 193-201 Abstract PDF
Salt effect on sensitized photooxidations. A kinetic approch to environmental decomposition of marine contaminants
M.I. Gutiérrez, S. Criado and N.A. García - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(3): 217-223 Abstract PDF
Growth of juvenile Pacific mackerel, Scomber japonicus in the Gulf of California
M.G. Gluyas-Millán, M. Castonguay and C. Quiñonez-Velázquez - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(3): 225-231 Abstract PDF
Growth, reproduction and feeding of the tropical squid Ornithoteuthis antillarum (Cephalopoda, Ommastrephidae) from the central-east Atlantic
A.I. Arkhipkin, V.V. Laptikhovsky, Ch.M. Nigmatullin, A.V. Bespyatykh and S.A. Murzov - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(3): 273-288 Abstract PDF
On the fecundity of the Black Sea bream, Spondyliosoma cantharus (L. ), from the Adriatic Sea (Croatian coast)
J. Dulcvic, N. Skakelja, M. Kraljevic and P. Cetinic - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(3): 289-294 Abstract PDF
Polychate distribution, diversity and seasonality related to seagrass cover in shallow bottoms of the Tyrrenian Sea (Italy)
M.C. Gambi, G. Conti and C.S. Bremec - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(1-2): 1-17 Abstract PDF
Origin and biogeography of the deep-water Mediterranean Hydromedusae including the description of two new species collected in submarine canyons of Northwestern Mediterranean
J.M. Gili, J. Bouillon, F. Pagès, A. Palanques, P. Puig and S. Heussner - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(1-2): 113-134 Abstract PDF
A new species of Krampella (Hydrozoa, Hydroidomedusae, Tiarannidae) from the deep waters of Antikythira Strait (Cretan Sea, North East Mediterranean)
J.M. Gili, J. Bouillon and F. Pagès - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(1-2): 135-139 Abstract PDF
Biochemical genetics in the Argentinean squid, Illex argentinus
B. Jerez, M.I. Roldán and C. Pla - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(1-2): 141-149 Abstract PDF
Size and age at onset of sexual maturity of female Norway lobster Nephrops norvegicus L. (Crustacea: Nephropidae) in the Strait of Sicily (Central Mediterranean Sea)
M.L. Bianchini, L. Di Stefano and S. Ragonese - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(1-2): 151-159 Abstract PDF
Assessment of the Aphia minuta stock (Pisces: Gobiidae) by acoustic methods from the Bay of Alcudia (Mallorca, western Mediterranean)
M. Iglesias and J. Miquel - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(1-2): 19-25 Abstract PDF
Characterization and cartography of some Mediterranean soft-bottom benthic communities (Ligurian Sea, Italy)
A. Somaschini, N. Martini, M.F. Gravina, A. Belluscio, F. Corsi and G.D. Ardizzone - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(1-2): 27-36 Abstract PDF
Acoustic estimation of abundance and distribution of anchovy in the NW Mediterranean
R. Abad, M. Miquel, M. Iglesias and F. Álvarez - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(1-2): 37-43 Abstract PDF
Design and development of SPONGIA, an expert system for sponges identification
M. Domingo and M.J. Uriz - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(1-2): 45-57 Abstract PDF
Growth studies on Norway lobster, Nephrops norvegicus (L.), in different areas of the Mediterranean Sea and the adjacent Atlantic
Ch. Mytilineou, M. Castro, P. Gancho and A. Fourtouni - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(Suppl.1): 43-60 Abstract PDF
Methodological considerations concerning the use of length frequency analysis for growth studies in the Norway lobster, Nephrops norvegicus (L.)
M. Castro, Ch. Mytilineou and P. Gancho - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(Suppl.1): 61-69 Abstract PDF
Comparison of several populations of Norway lobster, Nephrops norvegicus L., from the Mediterranean and adjacent Atlantic. A biometrics study
M. Castro, P. Gancho and P. Henriques - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(Suppl.1): 71-79 Abstract PDF
A comparative study of the feeding ecology of Nephrops norvegicus L. (Decapoda: Nephropidae) in the bathyal Mediterranean and the adjacent Atlantic
M. Cristo and J.E. Cartes - 1998
Sci. Mar. 62(Suppl.1): 81-90 Abstract PDF
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