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Larval development of Clastotoechus nodosus (Streets, 1872) (Crustacea: Decapoda: Porcellanidae), under laboratory conditions
Gonzalo Hernández, I. Magán, K. Graterol, J.I. Gaviria, J.A. Bolaños and C. Lira - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(4): 419-428 Abstract PDF
Conventional karyotype and nucleolar organizer regions of the toadfish Halobatrachus didactylus (Schneider, 1801) (Pisces: Batrachoididae)
J.L. Palazón, M. Nirchio and C. Sarasquete - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(4): 445-449 Abstract PDF
In vitro metabolism of steroid hormones by ovary and hepatopancreas of the crustacean Penaeid shrimp Marsupenaeus japonicus
T. Summavielle, P. Ribeiro Rocha Monteiro, M.A. Reis-Henriques and J. Coimbra - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(3): 299-306 Abstract PDF
Gross and histological observations of ovarian development in twaite shad, Alosa fallax fallax, from Rivers Mira and Guadiana (Portugal)
Teresa Pina, E. Esteves and J.P. Andrade - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(3): 313-322 Abstract PDF
Description of a new species of hake: Merluccius patagonicus sp. nov. (Gadiformes, Merlucciidae) from the waters of Argentina
D. Lloris and J. Matallanas - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(3): 323-326 Abstract PDF
Quantifying the roles of competing static gears: comparative selectivity of longlines and monofilament gill nets in a multi-species fishery of the Algarve (southern Portugal)
K. Erzini, J.M.S. Gonçalves, L. Bentes, P.G. Lino, J. Ribeiro and K.I. Stergiou - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(3): 341-352 Abstract PDF
Oxidative stress and enzymatic scavenging of superoxide radicals induced by solar UV-B radiation in Ulva canopies from southern Spain
K. Bischof, P.J. Janknegt, A.G.J. Buma, J.W. Rijstenbil, G. Peralta and A.M. Breeman - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(3): 353-359 Abstract PDF
Occurrence and genetic analysis of a Kemp's Ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys kempii) in the Mediterranean Sea
Jesús Tomás, A. Formia, M. Fernández and J.A. Raga - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(3): 367-369 Abstract PDF
Variations in planktonic bacterial biomass and production and phytoplankton blooms off A Coruña (NW Spain)
J. Valencia, J. Abalde, A. Bode, A. Cid, E. Fernández, N. González, J. Lorenzo, E. Teira and M. Varela - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(2): 143-157 Abstract PDF
Two unknown species of Mollusca Gastropoda from the Archipelago Fernando de Noronha (Brazil), with description of a new species belonging to the genus Phidiana Gray, 1850 and a new record of Dendrodoris senegalensis Bouchet, 1975
F.J. García and J. S. Troncoso - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(2): 159-166 Abstract PDF
The caprellidean Amphipoda from the subantarctic islands of New Zealand and Australia with the description of a new genus and two new species
J.M. Guerra-García - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(2): 177-194 Abstract PDF
Fish larvae from the Gulf of California
G. Aceves-Medina, S.P.A. Jiménez-Rosenberg, A. Hinojosa-Medina, R. Funes-Rodriguez, R.J. Saldierna, D. Lluch-Belda, P.E. Smith and W. Watson - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(1): 1-11 Abstract PDF
Karyotype supporting Mugil curema Valenciennes, 1836 and Mugil gaimardianus Desmarest, 1831 (Mugilidae: Teleostei) as two valid nominal species
M. Nirchio, F. Cervigón, J. Porto, J. E. Pérez, J. A. Gómez and J. Villazaz - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(1): 113-115 Abstract PDF
Larval condition and growth of Sardinella brasiliensis (Steindachner, 1879): preliminary results from laboratory studies
C.L.D.B. Rossi-Wongtschowski, C. Clemmesen, B. Ueberschär and J.F. Dias. - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(1): 13-23 Abstract PDF
Histopathological changes induced by lindane (g-HCH) in various organs of fishes
J.B. Ortiz, M.L. González de Canales and C. Sarasquete - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(1): 53-61 Abstract PDF
Seabird mortality from longline fishing in the Mediterranean Sea and Macaronesian waters: a review and a way forward
John Cooper, Nicola Baccetti, Eduardo J. Belda, John J. Borg, Daniel Oro, Costas Papaconstantinou and Antonio Sánchez - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2): 57-64 Abstract PDF
Inverse relationship between cod recruitment in the North sea and young fish in the continuous plankton recorder survey
J.A. Lindley, P.C. Reid and K.M. Brander - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.1): 191-200 Abstract PDF
On the prediction of short term changes in the recruitment of North Sea cod (Gadus morhua) using statistical temperature forecasts
Benjamin Planque, Clive J. Fox, Mark A. Saunders and Paul Rockett - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.1): 211-218 Abstract PDF
A bioeconomic model for Mediterranean fisheries, the hake off Catalonia (western Mediterranean) as a case study
J. Lleonart, F. Maynou, L. Recasens and R. Franquesa - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.1): 337-351 Abstract PDF
An evaluation of management strategies for Atlantic tuna stocks
L.T. Kell, D.J. Die, V.R. Restrepo, J.M. Fromentin, V. Ortiz de Zárate and P. Pallares - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.1): 353-370 Abstract PDF
A new primnoid genus (Anthozoa: Octocorallia) from the Southern Ocean
Pablo J. López-González, J.M. Gili and Covadonga Orejas - 2002
Sci. Mar. 66(4): 383-397 Abstract PDF
Feeding habits of Cataetyx alleni (Pisces: Bythitidae) in the deep western Mediterranean
M. Carrassón and J. Matallanas - 2002
Sci. Mar. 66(4): 417-421 Abstract PDF
Efficacy of a remote control closure of cod-end used in a bottom trawl experience
F. Sardà, J.B. Company and M.A. Estévez - 2002
Sci. Mar. 66(4): 423-432 Abstract PDF
Pulsing versus constant supply of nutrients (N, P and Si): effect on phytoplankton, mesozooplankton and vertical flux of biogenic matter
C. Svensen, J.C. Nejstgaard, J.K. Egge and P. Wassmann - 2002
Sci. Mar. 66(3): 189-203 Abstract PDF
The genus Paguristes (Crustacea: Decapoda: Diogenidae) from Cuba (Western Atlantic). A new record and a new species
M.E. Manjón-Cabeza, J.E. García Raso and J.C. Martínez Iglesias - 2002
Sci. Mar. 66(2): 135-143 Abstract PDF

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