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Residual circulation and thermohaline distribution of the Ría de Vigo: A 3-D hydrodynamical model
Silvia Torres López, R.A. Varela and E. Delhez - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.1): 277-289 Abstract PDF
Larval trophodynamics, turbulence, and drift on Georges Bank: A sensitivity analysis of Cod and Haddock
Francisco Werner, B.R. MacKenzie, R.I. Perry, R.G. Lough, C.E. Naimie, B.O. Blanton and J.A. Quinlan - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.1): 99-115 Abstract PDF
Effects of different levels of UV-B radiation on marine epilithic communities: a short-term microcosm study
R.A. Danilov and N.G.A. Ekelund - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(4): 363-368 Abstract PDF
Considerations on the biology of Plesionika edwardsi (Brandt, 1851) (Decapoda, Caridea, Pandalidae) from experimental trap catches in the Spanish western Mediterranean Sea
M. García Rodríguez, A. Esteban and J.L. Pérez Gil - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(4): 369-379 Abstract PDF
The use of cardiac monitoring in the assessment of mercury toxicity in the subtropical pebble crab Gaetice depressus (Brachyura: Grapsidae: Varuninae)
A. Aagaard, B. Styrishave, C.G. Warman and M.H. Depledge - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(4): 381-386 Abstract PDF
The description of Austroglossus pectoralis (Teleostei: Soleidae) larvae from the South-east coast of South Africa
A.D. Wood - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(4): 387-392 Abstract PDF
Field calibration of optical sensors for measuring suspended sediment concentration in the western Mediterranean
J. Guillén, A. Palanques, P. Puig, X. Durrieu de Madron and F. Nyffeler - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(4): 427-435 Abstract PDF
Continental contribution of suspended sediment to an estuary: Ría de Vigo
O. Pazos, M.A. Nombela and F. Vilas - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(3): 295-302 Abstract PDF
Variations of the macrobenthic community in a seagrass transplanted area of the Lagoon of Venice
F. Pranovi, D. Curiel, A. Rismondo and M. Marzocchi - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(3): 303-310 Abstract PDF
Oxygen consumption of the freshwater crab Elamenopsis kempi (Chopra and Das, 1930) from the Garmat-Ali river, Iraq
M.H. Ali, S.D. Salman and A.-H.Y. Al-Adhub - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(3): 311-317 Abstract PDF
Influence of the structure of Posidonia oceanica meadows modified by bottom trawling on crustacean assemblages: comparison of amphipods and decapods
P. Sánchez-Jerez, C. Barberá-Cebrian and A.A. Ramos-Esplá - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(3): 319-326 Abstract PDF
Distribution and structure of the southernmost Caribbean coral reefs: golfo de Urabá, Colombia
J.M. Díaz, G. Díaz-Pulido and J.A. Sánchez - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(3): 327-336 Abstract PDF
Climatological coupling of the thermohaline decadal changes in Central Water of the Eastern North Atlantic
F.F. Pérez, R.T. Pollard, J.F. Read, V. Valencia and A.F. Ríos - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(3): 347-353 Abstract PDF
Contribution to the study of the morphology of the teeth of the nursehound Scyliorhinus stellaris (Chondrichthyes: Scyliorhinidae)
A. Soldo, J. Dulcic and P. Cetinic - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(3): 355-356 Abstract PDF
A pilot experiment of tagging the deep shrimp Aristeus antennatus (Risso, 1816)
M. Relini, P. Maiorano, G. D'Onghia, L. Orsi Relini, A. Tursi and M. Panza - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(3): 357-361 Abstract PDF
Using flow cytometry for counting natural planktonic bacteria and understanding the structure of planktonic bacterial communities
Josep M. Gasol and Paul A. del Giorgio - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(2): 197-224 Abstract PDF
Capture of Grammicolepis brachiusculus Poey, 1873 (Grammicolepididae) off the Canary Islands
J.A. González, V. Rico and J.I. Santana - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(1): 107-109 Abstract PDF
First record of Holocentrus ascensionis (Osbeck, 1765) (Osteichthyes: Holocentridae) in the Canary Islands (Central-east Atlantic)
J.J. Castro-Hernández and A.Y. Martín-Gutiérrez - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(1): 115-116 Abstract PDF
Larval development of Cyrtograpsus affinis (Dana) (Decapoda, Brachyura, Varunidae) from Río de la Plata estuary, reared in the laboratory
E.D. Spivak and J.A. Cuesta - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(1): 29-47 Abstract PDF
Reproduction of the cutlassfish Trichiurus lepturus in the southern Brazil subtropical convergence ecosystem
A. Silva Martins and M. Haimovici - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(1): 97-105 Abstract PDF
Ecological characteristics of the Mljet Islands seawater lakes (South Adriatic Sea) with special reference to their resident populations of medusae
A. Benovic, D. Lucic, V. Onofri, M. Peharda, M. Caric, N. Jasprica and S. Bobanovic-Colic - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1): 197-206 Abstract PDF
Environmental patterns and biomass distribution of gelatinous macrozooplankton. Three study cases in the South-western Atlantic Ocean
H.W. Mianzan and R.A. Guerrero - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1): 215-224 Abstract PDF
A new species of Pachycordyle (Hydrozoa, Clavidae) from Lake Biwa (Japan), with remarks on this and related Clavid genera
Sofia D. Stepanjants, Oleg A. Timoshkin, Boris A. Anokhin and Tatiana O. Napara - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1): 225-236 Abstract PDF
C.E. Mills, F. Boero, A. Migotto and J.M. Gili - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1): 3-4 Abstract PDF
Towards understanding the phylogenetic history of Hydrozoa: Hypothesis testing with 18S gene sequence data
A.G. Collins - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1): 5-22 Abstract PDF
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