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Oxidative stress and antioxidant defences generated by solar UV in a Subantarctic marine phytoflagellate
M. Hernando, G. Malanga and G. A. Ferreyra - 2005
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2): 287-295 Abstract PDF
W.E. Arntz, G.A. Lovrich and S. Thatje - 2005
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2): 3-5 Abstract PDF
Somatic energy content and histological analysis of the gonads in Antarctic fish from the Scotia Arc
F. A. Vanella, J. Calvo, E. R. Morriconi and D. R. Aureliano - 2005
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2): 305-316 Abstract PDF
Influence of temperature, habitat and body mass on routine metabolic rates of Subantarctic teleosts
F. A. Vanella and J. Calvo - 2005
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2): 317-323 Abstract PDF
Muscle growth in Antarctic and Subantarctic notothenioid fishes
D.A. Fernández, J. Calvo and I.A. Johnston - 2005
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2): 325-336 Abstract PDF
Quaternary molluscan faunas from the island of Tierra del Fuego after the Last Glacial Maximum
S. Gordillo, A. M. J. Coronato and J. O. Rabassa - 2005
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2): 337-348 Abstract PDF
Thoughts on controls on evolution and dispersal of benthos in the Magellan-Scotia Sea region: a workshop proposal
Michael R.A. Thomson - 2005
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2): 355-358 Abstract PDF
Marine research in the Latitudinal Gradient Project along Victoria Land, Antarctica
P. A. Berkman, R. Cattaneo-Vietti, M. Chiantore, C. Howard-Williams, V. Cummings and R. Kvitek - 2005
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2): 57-63 Abstract PDF
Changing chain: past, present and future of the Scotia Arc's and Antarctica's shallow benthic communities
David K. A. Barnes - 2005
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2): 65-89 Abstract PDF
Mesoscale eddies in the Subantarctic Front-Southwest Atlantic
P. D. Glorioso, A. R. Piola and R. R. Leben - 2005
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.2): 7-15 Abstract PDF
Marine microbial ecology in a molecular world: what does the future hold?
David A. Caron - 2005
Sci. Mar. 69(Suppl.1): 97-110 Abstract PDF
Composition and distribution of benthic malacofauna on intertidal flats of Paranaguá Bay (Paraná, Brazil)
G. Boehs, T.M. Absher and A.C. Da Cruz - 2004
Sci. Mar. 68(4): 537-543 Abstract PDF
Temporal patterns of larval fish distribution and abundance in a coastal area of northern Greece
Emmanuil T. Koutrakis, Argyris A. Kallianiotis and Athanassios C. Tsikliras - 2004
Sci. Mar. 68(4): 585-595 Abstract PDF
Trends in Hydrozoan Biology IV. Mills, C.E., F. Boero, A. Migotto and J.M. Gili, (eds.)
E.A. Robson - 2004
Sci. Mar. 68(4): 621-622 Abstract PDF
Abbreviated larval development of Tunicotheres moseri (Rathbun, 1918) (Decapoda, Pinnotheridae), a rare case of parental care in brachyuran crabs
Juan Bolaños, José A. Cuesta, Gonzalo Hernández, Jesús Hernández and Darryl L. Felder - 2004
Sci. Mar. 68(3): 373-384 Abstract PDF
Growth of juvenile salema, Sarpa salpa (Teleostei: Sparidae) in the Kornati Archipelago, eastern Adriatic Sea
Matic-Skoko, S., M. Kraljevic, J. Dulcic and A. Pallaoro - 2004
Sci. Mar. 68(3): 411-417 Abstract PDF
Spatial-temporal changes in dimethyl acetal (octadecanal) levels of Octopus vulgaris (Mollusca, Cephalopoda): relation to feeding ecology
Rui Rosa; A.M. Marques, M.L. Nunes, N. Bandarra and C. Sousa Reis - 2004
Sci. Mar. 68(2): 227-236 Abstract PDF
Benthic decapod crustaceans associated with captures of Munida spp. (Decapoda: Anomura) in the Beagle Channel, Argentina
P. Pérez-Barros, F. Tapella, M.C. Romero, J.A. Calagno and G.A. Lovrich - 2004
Sci. Mar. 68(2): 237-246 Abstract PDF
Female reproductive cycle of the Southwestern Atlantic estuarine crab Chasmagnathus granulatus (Brachyura, Grapsoidea, Varunidae)
Romina B. Ituarte, E.D. Spivak and T.A. Luppi - 2004
Sci. Mar. 68(1): 127-137 Abstract PDF
Insular stock identification of Serranus atricauda (Pisces: Serranidae) through the presence of Ceratothoa steindachneri (Isopoda, Cymothoidae) and Pentacapsula cutanea (Myxozoa, Pentacapsulidae) in the Canary Islands
C. Cuyás, J.J. Castro, A.T. Santana-Ortega and E. Carbonell - 2004
Sci. Mar. 68(1): 159-163 Abstract PDF
Phytodetritus at the sediment-water interface, NW Mediterranean Basin: spatial repartition, living cells signatures, meiofaunal relationships
C. Riaux-Gobin, A. Dinet, G. Dugué, G. Vétion, E. Maria and A. Grémare - 2004
Sci. Mar. 68(1): 7-21 Abstract PDF
Retinal specialisations in the dogfish Centroscymnus coelolepis from the Mediterranean deep-sea
A. Bozzano - 2004
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.3): 185-195 Abstract PDF
Deep-sea decapod crustaceans in the western and central Mediterranean Sea: preliminary aspects of species distribution, biomass and population structure
J.B. Company, A. Tselepides, P. Maiorano, F. Sardà, G. Rotllant and C.Y. Politou - 2004
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.3): 73-86 Abstract PDF
The present-day Mediterranean brachiopod fauna: diversity, life habits, biogeography and paleobiogeography
A. Logan, C.N. Bianchi, C. Morri and H. Zibrowius - 2004
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.1): 163-170 Abstract PDF
Deep macrobenthic communities from Nazaré Submarine Canyon (NW Portugal)
J. Cúrdia, S. Carvalho, A. Ravara, J.D. Gage, A.M. Rodrigues and V. Quintino - 2004
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.1): 171-180 Abstract PDF

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