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Morphometric analysis of sharks of the genus Carcharhinus Blainville, 1816: C. limbatus (Valenciennes, 1841) and C. brevipinna (Müller and Henle, 1841) from Mexican waters
D.A. Siqueiros-Beltrones - 1990
Sci. Mar. 54(4): 349-358 Abstract PDF
The diet of Sepia officinalis (Linnaeus, 1758) and Sepia elegans (D'Orbigny, 1835) (Cephalopoda, Sepioidea) from the Ría de Vigo (NW Spain)
B.G. Castro and A. Guerra - 1990
Sci. Mar. 54(4): 375-388 Abstract PDF
Traité de Zoologie. Céphalopodes. Tome V, Fascicle 4.
A. Guerra and P. Sánchez - 1990
Sci. Mar. 54(3): 311-312 Abstract PDF
Cambios estacionales de una población de Donax trunculus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Pelecypoda: Donacidae) en la ría de El Barquero (Lugo, NO de España)
Raquel A. Mazé and Antonio J. Laborda - 1990
Sci. Mar. 54(2): 131-138 Abstract PDF
Consumption of macrophytes by invertebrates in Tancada lagoon (NE Spain)
Margarita Menéndez and Francisco A. Comín - 1990
Sci. Mar. 54(2): 139-144 Abstract PDF
Distribución y maduración sexual del calamar argentino, Illex argentinus (Castellanos, 1960) (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae), en el sur de Brasil
Manuel Haimovici and J.A. Alvarez-Perez - 1990
Sci. Mar. 54(2): 179-185 Abstract PDF
Water masses off the Central Cantabrian Coast
José A. Botas, Emilio Fernández, Antonio Bode and Ricardo Anadón - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(4): 755-761 Abstract PDF
Ciclo biológico de Acanthonyx lunulatus (Risso, 1816) (Crustacea: Decapoda: Majidae) en las costas del levante ibérico (Mediterráneo occidental)
A. Sanz-Brau - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(4): 857-861 Abstract PDF
Changes in oceanographic fields downstream the Cap Timiris Canyon (Mauritania, Northwest Africa)
S. Schulz, W. Zahn, F. Georgi and A. Irmisch - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(2-3): 159-165 Abstract PDF
Influence of the north trade winds on the biomass and production of neritic plankton around Gran Canaria island
J. Arístegui, S. Hernández-León, M. Gómez, L. Medina, A. Ojeda and S. Torres - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(2-3): 223-229 Abstract PDF
Zooplankton feeding ecology: Feeding rates of the copepods Acartia tonsa, Centropages velificatus and Eucalanus pileatus in relation to the suspended sediments in the plume of the Mississippi River (Northern Gulf of Mexico continental shelf)
Patricia A. Tester and J.T. Turner - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(2-3): 231-237 Abstract PDF
Appendicularian dynamics and the influence of runoff on their distribution in the Bay of Cullera (Spanish Mediterranean)
A. Raduán, C. Blanco, E. Soler and J.G. del Rio - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(2-3): 251-257 Abstract PDF
The partitioning of free amino acids between phytoplankton, zooplankton and ichthyoplankton in the Ushant region
V. Martin-Jézéquel, P. Camus and S.A. Poulet - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(2-3): 259-268 Abstract PDF
Performances and use of energy in intertidal systems related to random disturbances and thermal stress
F.X. Niell, M. Espejo, J.A. Fernández and P. Algarra - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(2-3): 293-299 Abstract PDF
Do subsurface deposit-feeders partition resources by vertical stratification in the sediment?
A.B. Josefson - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(2-3): 307-313 Abstract PDF
Meso- and microscale heterogeneity in benthic community structure and the sedimentary environment on an intertidal muddy-sand beach
A. Tufail, P.S. Meadows and P. McLaughlin - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(2-3): 319-327 Abstract PDF
Zonation of plants in a fresh-water tidal environment
A. Ingólfsson, B. Johannsson and H. Kristinsson - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(2-3): 343-347 Abstract PDF
The suspension-feeder communities of a Mediterranean sea cave
A. Balduzzi, C.N. Bianchi, F. Boero, R. Cattaneo, M. Pansini and M. Sarà - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(2-3): 387-395 Abstract PDF
The chloroplast-animal association in four Iberian Sacoglossan Opisthobranchs: Elysia timida, Elysia translucens, Thuridilla hopei and Bosellia mimetica
A. Marín and J. Ros - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(2-3): 429-440 Abstract PDF
Gene flow between populations of Balanus improvisus Darwin (Cirripedia) in British estuaries
E.R. Furman, A.B. Yule and D.J. Crisp - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(2-3): 465-472 Abstract PDF
Carbon and nitrogen budgets of the mussel Mytilus edulis L. and the cockle Cerastoderma edule (L.) in relation to food quality
T.C. Prins and A.C. Smaal - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(2-3): 477-482 Abstract PDF
The structure of fish communities in the Tagus Estuary, Portugal, and its role as a nursery for commercial fish species
M.J. Costa and A. Bruxelas - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(2-3): 561-566 Abstract PDF
Dynamics of the copepod Eurytemora affinis hirundoides in the Gironde estuary: Origin and fate of its production
Jacques Castel and A. Feurtet - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(2-3): 577-584 Abstract PDF
Quantitative sampling methodology of sediments in Bidasoa estuary
J.C., Sola, A. Urcelay, A. Miner and M. Ibáñez - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(2-3): 585-589 Abstract PDF
Seasonal patterns of biomass variation of Ruppia cirrhosa (Petagna) Grande and Potamogeton pectinatus L. in a coastal lagoon
M. Menéndez and F.A. Comín - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(2-3): 633-638 Abstract PDF
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