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Spatial distribution of annelids in the intertidal zone in Sao Sebastiao Channel, Brazil
Alexandra E. Rizzo and A. Cecilia Z. Amaral - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(4): 323-331 Abstract PDF
Seasonal grazing and food preference of herbivores in a Posidonia oceanica meadow
A. Peirano, I. Niccolai, R. Mauro and C. Nike Bianchi - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(4): 367-374 Abstract PDF
Algal cover and sea urchin spatial distribution at Madeira Island (NE Atlantic)
F.M.A. Alves, L.M. Chícharo, E. Serrao and A.D. Abreu - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(4): 383-392 Abstract PDF
Spawning of the chilean hake (Merluccius gayi) in the upwelling system off Talcahuano in relation to oceanographic features
C.A. Vargas and L.R. Castro - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(2): 101-110 Abstract PDF
Macrobenthic mollusc fauna inhabiting Halopteris spp. subtidal fronds in Sao Miguel Island, Azores
A.C.Costa and S.P. Avila - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(2): 117-126 Abstract PDF
Seasonal distribution and spawning of small tunas (Auxis rochei and Sarda sarda) in the Northwestern Mediterranean
A. Sabatés and L. Recasens - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(2): 95-100 Abstract PDF
Basin-scale changes of total organic carbon profiles in the eastern South Atlantic
X.A. Alvarez-Salgado, F.F. Pérez, A.F. Ríos and M.D. Doval - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(1): 1-10 Abstract PDF
Melanonus zugmayeri Norman, 1930, captured off Portugal. A review of the current knowledge on this species
M. Henriques, A.G. Murta and H.N. Cabral - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(1): 43-46 Abstract PDF
Descriptions of two new species of Eunice Cuvier, 1817 (Polychaeta: Eunicidae) from coastal islands of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil
J.M.M. Nogueira, T.M. Steiner and A.C.Z. Amaral - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(1): 47-57 Abstract PDF
Population size and exploitation of giant squid (Dosidicus gigas D'Orbigny, 1835) in the Gulf of California, Mexico
E. Morales-Bojórquez, A. Hernández-Herrera, M.O. Nevárez-Martínez, M.A. Cisneros-Mata and F.J. Guerrero-Escobedo - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(1): 75-80 Abstract PDF
Community assembly and the emergence of ecosystem pattern
Simon A. Levin, Jonathan Dushoff and Juan E. Keymer - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2): 171-179 Abstract PDF
The oceanic fixed nitrogen and nitrous oxide budgets: Moving targets as we enter the anthropocene?
L.A. Codispoti, J.A. Brandes, J.P. Christensen, A.H. Devol, S.W.A. Naqvi, H.W. Paerl and T. Yoshinari - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.2): 85-105 Abstract PDF
Methodology to obtain accurate sea surface temperature from locally received NOAA-14 data in the Canary-Azores-Gibraltar area
Francisco Eugenio, J. Marcello, A. Hernández-Guerra and E. Rovaris - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.1): 127-137 Abstract PDF
Sensitivity of an idealized subtropical gyre to the eastern boundary conditions
Irene Láiz, P. Sangrà, J.L. Pelegrí and A. Marrero-Díaz - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.1): 187-194 Abstract PDF
Applicability of T-S algorithms to the Canary Islands region
Ángeles Marrero-Díaz, J.L. Pelegrí, A. Rodríguez-Santana and P. Sangrà - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.1): 195-204 Abstract PDF
Dynamical characteristics of the Cape Verde frontal zone
Pilar Pérez-Rodríguez, J.L. Pelegrí and A. Marrero-Díaz - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.1): 241-250 Abstract PDF
Seasonal variability of the upper warmwatersphere in the Canary Basin
Andry W. Ratsimandresy, J.L. Pelegrí, A. Marrero-Díaz, A. Hernández-Guerra and A. Martínez - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.1): 251-258 Abstract PDF
On the relevance of diapycnal mixing for the stability of frontal meanders
Ángel Rodríguez-Santana, J.L. Pelegrí, P. Sangrà and A. Marrero-Díaz - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.1): 259-267 Abstract PDF
Residual circulation and thermohaline distribution of the Ría de Vigo: A 3-D hydrodynamical model
Silvia Torres López, R.A. Varela and E. Delhez - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.1): 277-289 Abstract PDF
Larval trophodynamics, turbulence, and drift on Georges Bank: A sensitivity analysis of Cod and Haddock
Francisco Werner, B.R. MacKenzie, R.I. Perry, R.G. Lough, C.E. Naimie, B.O. Blanton and J.A. Quinlan - 2001
Sci. Mar. 65(Suppl.1): 99-115 Abstract PDF
Effects of different levels of UV-B radiation on marine epilithic communities: a short-term microcosm study
R.A. Danilov and N.G.A. Ekelund - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(4): 363-368 Abstract PDF
Considerations on the biology of Plesionika edwardsi (Brandt, 1851) (Decapoda, Caridea, Pandalidae) from experimental trap catches in the Spanish western Mediterranean Sea
M. García Rodríguez, A. Esteban and J.L. Pérez Gil - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(4): 369-379 Abstract PDF
The use of cardiac monitoring in the assessment of mercury toxicity in the subtropical pebble crab Gaetice depressus (Brachyura: Grapsidae: Varuninae)
A. Aagaard, B. Styrishave, C.G. Warman and M.H. Depledge - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(4): 381-386 Abstract PDF
The description of Austroglossus pectoralis (Teleostei: Soleidae) larvae from the South-east coast of South Africa
A.D. Wood - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(4): 387-392 Abstract PDF
Field calibration of optical sensors for measuring suspended sediment concentration in the western Mediterranean
J. Guillén, A. Palanques, P. Puig, X. Durrieu de Madron and F. Nyffeler - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(4): 427-435 Abstract PDF
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