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Grazing by Diadema antillarum (Philippi) upon algal communities on rocky substrates
Filipe M.A. Alves, Luis M. Chícharo, Ester Serrao and António D. Abreu - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(3): 307-311 Abstract PDF
Trends of anchovy (Engraulis encrasilocus, L.) biomass in the northern and central Adriatic Sea
A. Santojanni, E. Arneri, C. Barry, A. Belardinelli, N. Cingolani, G. Giannetti and G. Kirkwood - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(3): 327-340 Abstract PDF
Oxidative stress and enzymatic scavenging of superoxide radicals induced by solar UV-B radiation in Ulva canopies from southern Spain
K. Bischof, P.J. Janknegt, A.G.J. Buma, J.W. Rijstenbil, G. Peralta and A.M. Breeman - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(3): 353-359 Abstract PDF
Occurrence and genetic analysis of a Kemp's Ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys kempii) in the Mediterranean Sea
Jesús Tomás, A. Formia, M. Fernández and J.A. Raga - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(3): 367-369 Abstract PDF
Mass mortality event in a small saline lake (Lake Rogoznica) caused by unusual holomictic conditions
A. Baric, B. Grbec, G. Kusvpilic, I. Marasovic, Z. Nincvevic and I. Grubelic - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(2): 129-141 Abstract PDF
Variations in planktonic bacterial biomass and production and phytoplankton blooms off A Coruña (NW Spain)
J. Valencia, J. Abalde, A. Bode, A. Cid, E. Fernández, N. González, J. Lorenzo, E. Teira and M. Varela - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(2): 143-157 Abstract PDF
Postembryonic development of Pyromaia tuberculata (Lockington, 1877): a review of larval and postlarval morphology
Tomás A. Luppi and Eduardo D. Spivak - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(2): 201-214 Abstract PDF
Otolith morphology and body size relationships for juvenile Sciaenidae in the Río de la Plata estuary (35-36°S)
Juan A. Waessle, Carlos A. Lasta and Marco Favero - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(2): 233-240 Abstract PDF
Fish larvae from the Gulf of California
G. Aceves-Medina, S.P.A. Jiménez-Rosenberg, A. Hinojosa-Medina, R. Funes-Rodriguez, R.J. Saldierna, D. Lluch-Belda, P.E. Smith and W. Watson - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(1): 1-11 Abstract PDF
Karyotype supporting Mugil curema Valenciennes, 1836 and Mugil gaimardianus Desmarest, 1831 (Mugilidae: Teleostei) as two valid nominal species
M. Nirchio, F. Cervigón, J. Porto, J. E. Pérez, J. A. Gómez and J. Villazaz - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(1): 113-115 Abstract PDF
Some biological parameters of the peacock wrasse, Symphodus (Crenilabrus) tinca (L. 1758) (Pisces: Labridae) from the middle eastern Adriatic (Croatian coast)
A. Pallaoro and I. Jardas - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(1): 33-41 Abstract PDF
Reproductive biology and relative growth in the spider crab Maja crispata (Crustacea: Brachyura: Majidae)
Carlos A. Carmona-Suárez - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(1): 75-80 Abstract PDF
Using stable isotopes of nitrogen and carbon to study seabird ecology: applications in the Mediterranean seabird community
Manuela G. Forero and Keith A. Hobson - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2): 23-32 Abstract PDF
Mediterranean seabird conservation: what can we do?
E. Mínguez, D. Oro, E. De Juana and A. Martínez-Abraín - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2): 3-6 Abstract PDF
Inverse relationship between cod recruitment in the North sea and young fish in the continuous plankton recorder survey
J.A. Lindley, P.C. Reid and K.M. Brander - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.1): 191-200 Abstract PDF
On the prediction of short term changes in the recruitment of North Sea cod (Gadus morhua) using statistical temperature forecasts
Benjamin Planque, Clive J. Fox, Mark A. Saunders and Paul Rockett - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.1): 211-218 Abstract PDF
Sardine regime shifts off Portugal: a time series analysis of catches and wind conditions
M.F. Borges, A.M.P. Santos, N. Crato, H. Mendes and B. Mota - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.1): 235-244 Abstract PDF
Embedding sea surface temperature anomalies into the stock recruitment relationship of red mullet (Mullus barbatus L. 1758) in the Strait of Sicily
D. Levi, M.G.Andreoli, A. Bonanno, F. Fiorentino, G. Garofalo, S. Mazzola, G. Norrito, B. Patti, G. Pernice, S. Ragonese, G.B. Giusto and P. Rizzo - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.1): 259-268 Abstract PDF
Applying biomass dynamic models to the southern horse mackerel stock (Atlantic waters of Iberian Peninsula). A comparison with VPA-based methods
Pablo Abaunza, A. Celso Fariña and Alberto Murta - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.1): 291-300 Abstract PDF
An equilibrium profile model for tidal environments
A.M. Bernabeu, R. Medina and C. Vidal - 2002
Sci. Mar. 66(4): 325-335 Abstract PDF
Estimation of heading gyrocompass error using a GPS 3DF system: Impact on ADCP measurements
Simón Ruiz, Jordi Font, G. Griffiths and A. Castellón - 2002
Sci. Mar. 66(4): 347-354 Abstract PDF
Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus supply on growth, chlorophyll content and tissue composition of the macroalga Chaetomorpha linum (O.F. Müll), Kütz, in a Mediterranean Coastal Lagoon
Margarita Menéndez, Jorge Herrera and F.A. Comín - 2002
Sci. Mar. 66(4): 355-364 Abstract PDF
Efficacy of a remote control closure of cod-end used in a bottom trawl experience
F. Sardà, J.B. Company and M.A. Estévez - 2002
Sci. Mar. 66(4): 423-432 Abstract PDF
Group-synchronous ovarian development, spawning and spermiation in the European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L.) could be regulated by shifts in gonadal steroidogenesis
Juan F. Asturiano, Lisa A. Sorbera, Jesús Ramos, David E. Kime, Manuel Carrillo and Silvia Zanuy - 2002
Sci. Mar. 66(3): 273-282 Abstract PDF
Krill of the Ross Sea: distribution, abundance and demography of Euphausia superba and Euphausia crystallorophias during the Italian Antarctic Expedition (January-February 2000)
A. Sala, M. Azzali and A. Russo - 2002
Sci. Mar. 66(2): 123-133 Abstract PDF

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