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Fauna of the Mediterranean Hydrozoa
J. Bouillon, M.D. Medel, F. Pagès, J.M. Gili, F. Boero and C. Gravili - 2004
Sci. Mar. 68(Suppl.2): 1-454 Abstract PDF
Trends in hydroidomedusan research from 1911 to 1997
C. Gravili, R. Pagliara, W. Vervoort, J. Bouillon and F. Boero - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1): 23-29 Abstract PDF
C.E. Mills, F. Boero, A. Migotto and J.M. Gili - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1): 3-4 Abstract PDF
Approaches to the ethology of hydroids and medusae (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa)
M.P. Miglietta, L. Della Tommasa, F. Denitto, C. Gravili, P. Pagliara, J. Bouillon and F. Boero - 2000
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1): 63-71 Abstract PDF
Classification and phylogeny in the Hydroidomedusae (Hydrozoa, Cnidaria)
F. Boero, J. Bouillon and S. Piraino - 1996
Sci. Mar. 60(1): 17-33 Abstract PDF
Zanclea species (Hydroidomedusae, Anthomedusae) from the Mediterranean
C. Gravili, F. Boero and J. Bouillon - 1996
Sci. Mar. 60(1): 99-108 Abstract PDF
The life cycle of Pteroclava krempfi (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa, Cladocorynidae), with notes on Asyncoryne philippina (Asyncorynidae)
F. Boero, J. Bouillon and N. Gravier-Bonnet - 1995
Sci. Mar. 59(1): 65-76 Abstract PDF
The mesogloea (extracellular matrix) of hydrozoans can be species-specific for cell attachment and cell migration: a new tool for taxonomists?
V. Schmid, P. Schuchert, S. Piraino and F. Boero - 1992
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3): 131-136 Abstract PDF
Halocoryne epizoica (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa) a hydroid that "bites"
Stefano Piraino, J. Bouillon and F. Boero - 1992
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3): 141-147 Abstract PDF
Non-Siphonophoran Hydrozoa: what are we talking about?
Bouillon, J., F. Boero, F. Cicogna, J.M. Gili and R.G. Hughes - 1992
Sci. Mar. 56(2-3): 279-284 Abstract PDF
The suspension-feeder communities of a Mediterranean sea cave
A. Balduzzi, C.N. Bianchi, F. Boero, R. Cattaneo, M. Pansini and M. Sarà - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(2-3): 387-395 Abstract PDF
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