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Sponge-associated Haplosyllis (Polychaeta: Syllidae: Syllinae) from the Caribbean Sea, with the description of four new species
Patricia Lattig and Daniel Martin - 2011
Sci. Mar. 75(4): 733-758 Abstract PDF
Changes in seagrass polychaete assemblages after invasion by Caulerpa racemosa var. cylindracea (Chlorophyta: Caulerpales): community structure, trophic guilds and taxonomic distinctness
Antonio Box, Daniel Martin and Salud Deudero - 2010
Sci. Mar. 74(2): 317-329 Abstract PDF
Taxonomic and morphometric analyses of the Haplosyllis spongicola complex (Polychaeta: Syllidae: Syllinae) from Spanish seas, with re-description of the type species and descriptions of two new species
Patricia Lattig, Guillermo San Martín and Daniel Martin - 2007
Sci. Mar. 71(3): 551-570 Abstract PDF
Low crested coastal defence structures on the Catalan coast of the Mediterranean Sea: how they compare with natural rocky shores
Esperança Gacia, Maria Paola Satta and Daniel Martin - 2007
Sci. Mar. 71(2): 259-267 Abstract PDF
Spiochaetopterus creoceanae, a new species of Chaetopteridae (Polychaeta) from the Persian Gulf belonging to the costarum complex
Michel Bhaud, Daniel Martin and Joao Gil - 2003
Sci. Mar. 67(1): 99-105 Abstract PDF
Two new cumacean species (Crustacea: Peracarida) from shallow waters off Thailand
Jordi Corbera and Daniel Martín - 2002
Sci. Mar. 66(4): 407-415 Abstract PDF
Dauvin, J.c., L. Laubier and D. Reish. Actes de la 4èmme Conférence Internationale des Polychètes. Mémoires du Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (reviewed by D. Martin)
Daniel Martin - 1995
Sci. Mar. 59(2): 202-202 Abstract PDF
Revisión de las especies de Owenidae (Annelida, Polychaeta) de la Península Ibérica
Daniel Martín - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(1): 47-52 Abstract PDF
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