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Isotopic discrimination factors and nitrogen turnover rates in reared Atlantic bluefin tuna larvae (Thunnus thynnus): effects of maternal transmission
Amaya Uriarte, Alberto García, Aurelio Ortega, Fernando de la Gándara, José Quintanilla and Raúl Laiz-Carrión - 2016
Sci. Mar. 80(4): 447-456 Abstract PDF
Modelling the spatio-temporal distribution of age-1 Bay of Biscay anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) at spawning time
Leire Ibaibarriaga, Andrés Uriarte, Urtzi Laconcha, Miguel Bernal, María Santos, Marina Chifflet and Xabier Irigoien - 2013
Sci. Mar. 77(3): 461-89 Abstract PDF
Setting up interpretation criteria for ageing juvenile european anchovy otoliths
Pablo Cermeño, Andrés Uriarte, Beatriz Morales-Nin, Unai Cotano and Paula Álvarez - 2008
Sci. Mar. 72(4): 733-742 Abstract PDF
Degeneration of postovulatory follicles of the Bay of Biscay anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus L.)
Ana Alday, Andrés Uriarte, María Santos, Inmaculada Martín, Amalia Martinez de Murguia and Lorenzo Motos - 2008
Sci. Mar. 72(3): 565-575 Abstract PDF
First evidences of Acartia bifilosa resting eggs in sediments of the Urdaibai estuary (Bay of Biscay): abundance and hatching success
Ibon Uriarte and Fernando Villate - 2006
Sci. Mar. 70(4): 565-572 Abstract PDF
Juvenile European anchovy otolith microstructure
Pablo Cermeño, Beatriz Morales-Nin and Andrés Uriarte - 2006
Sci. Mar. 70(3): 553-557 Abstract PDF
Marine hydrodynamics between San Sebastián and Hondarribia (Guipúzcoa, northern Spain): Field measurements and numerical modelling
A. Fontán, J. Mader, M. González, A. Uriarte, P. Gyssels and M.. Collins - 2006
Sci. Mar. 70S1: 51-63 Abstract PDF
The spawning environment of the Bay of Biscay anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus L.)
L. Motos, A. Uriarte and V. Valencia - 1996
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2): 117-140 Abstract PDF
Relationships between anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus L.) recruitment and the environment in the Bay of Biscay
Borja, A., A. Uriarte, V. Valencia, L. Motos and A. Uriarte - 1996
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2): 179-192 Abstract PDF
Bay of Biscay and Ibero Atlantic anchovy populations and their fisheries
Uriarte, A., P. Prouzet and B. Villamor - 1996
Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.2): 237-255 Abstract PDF
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