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Effects on faunistic composition and population characteristics of decapod crustaceans after the implementation of a fisheries no-take area in the NW Mediterranean
Andrea Padilla, Laura Recasens, Marc Balcells, Ulla Fernández de Arcaya and Pere Abelló - 2022
Sci. Mar. 86(2): 35-35 Abstract PDF

Fishing effort alternatives for the management of demersal fisheries in the western Mediterranean

Paloma Martín, Francesc Maynou, Mariona Garriga-Panisello, John Ramírez and Laura Recasens - 2019
Sci. Mar. 83(4): 293-304 Abstract PDF
Selection of landmarks and semilandmarks in fishes for geometric morphometric analyses: a comparative study based on analytical methods
Marc Farré, Víctor M. Tuset, Francesc Maynou, Laura Recasens and Antoni Lombarte - 2016
Sci. Mar. 80(2): 175-186 Abstract PDF
Maturity and batch fecundity of the European hake (Merluccius merluccius, Linnaeus, 1758) in the eastern central Atlantic
Hammou El Habouz, Laura Recasens, Souad Kifani, Abdellatif Moukrim, Abdellah Bouhaimi and Salaheddine El Ayoubi - 2011
Sci. Mar. 75(3): 447-454 Abstract PDF
Spawning pattern and batch fecundity of the European hake (Merluccius merluccius (Linnaeus, 1758)) in the western Mediterranean
Laura Recasens, Velia Chiericone and Paola Belcari - 2008
Sci. Mar. 72(4): 721-732 Abstract PDF
Trawl catch composition during different fishing intensity periods in two Mediterranean demersal fishing grounds
Pilar Sánchez, Paolo Sartor, Laura Recasens, Alessandro Ligas, Javier Martin, Stefano De Ranieri and Montserrat Demestre - 2007
Sci. Mar. 71(4): 765-773 Abstract PDF
Analysis of gear interactions in a hake fishery: The case of the Gulf of Lions (NW Mediterranean)
Yvonne Aldebert, Laura Recasens and Jordi Lleonart - 1993
Sci. Mar. 57(2-3): 207-217 Abstract PDF
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