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Taxonomic revision and molecular phylogeny of Pisa (Decapoda: Majoidea: Epialtidae), including the description of a new genus of Pisinae
Isabel Muñoz, J. Enrique García-Raso, José A. Gónzalez, Evandro P. Lopes, António M. dos Santos and Jose A. Cuesta - 2023
Sci. Mar. 87(4): 76-76 Abstract PDF
Change in the community structure and organic carbon content of meio- and macrobenthos between tidal flat and salt marsh areas colonized by Spartina alterniflora in the Bahía Blanca estuary (SW Atlantic)
Leandro J. Reyna Gandini, Flavia A. Funk and Paula D. Pratolongo - 2023
Sci. Mar. 87(3): 73-73 Abstract PDF
Subindividual variability in sea pens (Octocorallia: Pennatulacea)
Francisco J. García-Cárdenas, Carlos M. Herrera and Pablo J. López-González - 2023
Sci. Mar. 87(2): 63-63 Abstract PDF
Description of unique live colour patterns as a tool for discriminating hermit crab species in the Iberian Peninsula
Bruno Almón, Eva García-Isarch, Jose A. Cuesta and J. Enrique García-Raso - 2023
Sci. Mar. 87(1): 58-58 Abstract PDF
RNA/DNA and derived condition indices for anchovy and hake larvae as relevant information for comprehensive fisheries management
Marina V. Diaz, Marina Do Souto, Stefanía Cohen and Gustavo J. Macchi - 2022
Sci. Mar. 86(4): 49-49 Abstract PDF
Using Margalef’s vision to understand the current aquatic microbial ecology
Ana Rocio Borrero-Santiago, Walter Dellisanti, Andrés Sánchez-Quinto, Javier Moreno-Andrés, Philip Nemoy, Kumari Richa, Patricia Margarita Valdespino-Castillo, Daniel Diaz-de-Quijano, Vicente J. Ontiveros, Simone Fontana, Caterina R. Giner, Isabel Sanz-Sáez and Mireia Mestre - 2022
Sci. Mar. 86(1): 26-26 Abstract PDF
María del Carmen Sarasquete Reiriz (1956-2021)
J.B. Ortiz-Delgado - 2021
Sci. Mar. 85(4): 271-272 Abstract PDF
Ommastrephid squid spawning in the North Sea: oceanography, climate change and species range expansion
Christopher J. Barrett, Eleanor MacLeod, Daniel Oesterwind and Vladimir Laptikhovsky - 2021
Sci. Mar. 85(1): 49-56 Abstract PDF

Molecular phylogeny and divergence time estimates in pennatulaceans (Cnidaria: Octocorallia: Pennatulacea)

Francisco J. García-Cárdenas, Mónica Núñez-Flores and Pablo J. López-González

Supplementary material

- 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(4): 317-330 Abstract PDF

Widespread demographic explosion of a non-indigenous hydrozoan on an oceanic island
Fernando Espino, Francisco J. Otero-Ferrer, Néstor E. Bosch, Josep Coca, Ricardo Haroun and Fernando Tuya - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(2): 111-118 Abstract PDF
Resurrection of the sea pen genus Ptilella Gray, 1870 and description of Ptilella grayi n. sp. from the NE Atlantic (Octocorallia: Pennatulacea)
Francisco J. García-Cárdenas, Jim Drewery and Pablo J. López-González

Supplementary material

- 2019
Sci. Mar. 83(3): 261-276 Abstract PDF

Reconstruction of marine small-scale fisheries captures in the Canary Islands (NE Atlantic Ocean) from 1950 to 2010

José J. Castro, Esther Divovich, Alicia Delgado de Molina Acevedo, Antonio Barrera-Luján and Rodrigo Riera - 2019
Sci. Mar. 83(1): 7-17 Abstract PDF
Updating changes in the Iberian decapod crustacean fauna (excluding crabs) after 50 years
J. Enrique García Raso, Jose A. Cuesta, Pere Abelló and Enrique Macpherson - 2018
Sci. Mar. 82(4): 207-229 Abstract PDF
Reduction of by-catch and discards in the Algarve small-scale coastal fishery using a monofilament trammel net rigged with a guarding net
Monika J. Szynaka, Luís Bentes, Pedro Monteiro, Mafalda Rangel and Karim Erzini

Supplementary Material

- 2018
Sci. Mar. 82S1: 121-129 Abstract PDF

Foxed intra- and interspecific differentiation in Leptogorgia (Octocorallia: Gorgoniidae). A description of a new species based on multiple sources of evidence

M. Mar Soler-Hurtado, César Megina, Annie Machordom and Pablo J. López-González - 2017
Sci. Mar. 81(2): 147-157 Abstract PDF
Effect of trampling and digging from shellfishing on Zostera noltei (Zosteraceae) intertidal seagrass beds
Joxe Mikel Garmendia, Mireia Valle, Ángel Borja, Guillem Chust, Dae-Jin Lee, J. Germán Rodríguez and Javier Franco - 2017
Sci. Mar. 81(1): 121-128 Abstract PDF
Embryonic development of the southern surf crab Ovalipes trimaculatus (Decapoda: Brachyura: Portunoidea)
Antonela Martelli, Federico Tapella, Ximena González-Pisani, Fernando Dellatorre and Pedro J. Barón - 2016
Sci. Mar. 80(4): 499-509 Abstract PDF
New records of the genera Leptogorgia, Pacifigorgia and Eugorgia (Octocorallia: Gorgoniidae) from Ecuador, with a description of a new species
María del Mar Soler-Hurtado, Annie Machordom, Jesús Muñoz and Pablo J. López-González - 2016
Sci. Mar. 80(3): 369-394 Abstract PDF
Evidence of coastal dune mobility increases over the last half century in response to historical human intervention
Marina Navarro-Pons, Juan J. Muñoz-Pérez, Jorge Román-Sierra and Santiago García - 2016
Sci. Mar. 80(2): 261-272 Abstract PDF
Mitochondrial DNA evidences reflect an incipient population structure in Atlantic goliath grouper (Epinephelus itajara, Epinephelidae) in Brazil
Júnio S. Damasceno, Raquel Siccha-Ramirez, Millke J.A. Morales, Claudio Oliveira, Rodrigo A. Torres, Edvaldo N. Costa, Gláucia C. Silva-Oliveira, Marcelo Vallinoto, Leonardo F. Machado, Vander C. Tosta, Ana Paula C. Farro and Maurício Hostim-Silva - 2015
Sci. Mar. 79(4): 419-429 Abstract PDF
Comments on the calculation of the specific growth rate in experiments with untagged individuals
Lorenzo Márquez, Gabriel A. Morales, Miguel Sáenz de Rodrigáñez, Eduardo Almansa, Francisco J. Moyano and Manuel Díaz - 2015
Sci. Mar. 79(4): 505-508 Abstract PDF
The complex early life history of a marine estuarine-opportunist fish species, Solea turbynei (Soleidae) from temperate South Africa
Nadine A. Strydom, Crystal J. Coetzer and Paula Pattrick - 2015
Sci. Mar. 79(2): 169-178 Abstract PDF
Ontogeny and functional histochemistry of the digestive and visual systems and other organs during the larval development of the thick-lipped grey mullet, Chelon labrosus
Carmen Sarasquete, Juan B. Ortiz-Delgado, J. Antonio Martos-Sitcha, Verónica de las Heras, Manuel Yúfera and Gonzalo Martínez-Rodríguez - 2014
Sci. Mar. 78(4): 473-491 Abstract PDF
Mitochondrial DNA markers of loggerhead marine turtles (Caretta caretta) (Testudines: Cheloniidae) nesting at Kyparissia Bay, Greece, confirm the western Greece unit and regional structuring
Carlos Carreras, ALan F. Rees, Annette C. Broderick, Brendan J. Godley and Dimitris Margaritoulis - 2014
Sci. Mar. 78(1): 115-124 Abstract PDF
Trawling disturbance on benthic ecosystems and consequences on commercial species: a northwestern Mediterranean case study
Alba Muntadas, Montserrat Demestre, Silvia de Juan and Chris L.J. Frid - 2014
Sci. Mar. 78S1: 53-65 Abstract PDF

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