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Differentiating morpho-functional patterns of the five most common deep-sea benthic anglerfishes (Lophiiformes) from Andaman and Nicobar Islands (eastern Indian Ocean)
Meleppura Rajeeshkumar, Kannamkulathil Vijayan Aneesh Kumar, José Luís Otero-Ferrer, Antoni Lombarte, Manjebrayakath Hashim, Narayanane Saravanane, Veloorkirakathil Narayanan Sanjeevan, Mallavarapu Venkata Ramana Murthy and Víctor Manuel Tuset - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(4): 369-384 Abstract PDF
Fourier-based contour descriptors to relax positional standardization of the otolith images in AFORO queries
Pere Marti-Puig, Amalia Manjabacas and Antoni Lombarte - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(1): 27-37 Abstract PDF
Selection of landmarks and semilandmarks in fishes for geometric morphometric analyses: a comparative study based on analytical methods
Marc Farré, Víctor M. Tuset, Francesc Maynou, Laura Recasens and Antoni Lombarte - 2016
Sci. Mar. 80(2): 175-186 Abstract PDF
An approach to unraveling the coexistence of snappers (Lutjanidae) using otolith morphology
Zahra Sadighzadeh, Jose Luís Otero-Ferrer, Antoni Lombarte, Mohammad R. Fatemi and Víctor Manuel Tuset - 2014
Sci. Mar. 78(3): 353-362 Abstract PDF
Antoni Lombarte, Francesc Peters and Dolors Vaqué - 2012
Sci. Mar. 76(4): 631-631 Abstract PDF
Identification of Lessepsian fish species using the sagittal otolith
Víctor Manuel Tuset, Ernesto Azzurro and Antoni Lombarte - 2012
Sci. Mar. 76(2): 289-299 Abstract PDF
Using sagittal otoliths and eye diameter for ecological characterization of deep-sea fish: Aphanopus carbo and A. intermedius from NE Atlantic waters
Víctor Manuel Tuset, Silvia Piretti, Antoni Lombarte and José Antonio González - 2010
Sci. Mar. 74(4): 807-814 Abstract PDF
Taxonomic index
Victor M. Tuset, Antoni Lombarte and Carlos A. Assis - 2008
Sci. Mar. 72S1: 199-203 Abstract PDF
Otolith atlas for the western Mediterranean, north and central eastern Atlantic
Victor M. Tuset, Antoni Lombarte and Carlos A. Assis - 2008
Sci. Mar. 72S1: 7-198 Abstract PDF
Daily ration of Antarctic silverfish (Pleuragramma antarcticum Boulenger, 1902) in the Eastern Weddell Sea
Ignacio Olaso, Antoni Lombarte and Francisco Velasco - 2004
Sci. Mar. 68(3): 419-424 Abstract PDF
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