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Physiological performance by growth rate, pigment and protein content of the brown seaweed Sargassum filipendula (Ochrophyta: Fucales) induced by moderate UV radiation exposure in the laboratory
Luz K. Polo, Fungyi Chow

UV radiation is a factor affecting the distribution and physiology of photosynthetic organisms in an aquatic ecosystem. Studies with macroalgae indicate diverse biological disturbances in response to UV radiation. This work aimed to study sensitivity of the brown macroalga Sargassum filipendula exposed to UV radiation: PAR (control), PAR+UVA+UVB(++) and PAR+UVA(++)+UVB. Changes in the physiological parameters growth rate, total soluble proteins, photosynthetic pigments and the UV-vis absorbing compounds were analysed after T0, T4, T7 and T10 (days) of UV exposure. Physiological parameters showed little variation between treatments and over time, suggesting that moderate UV radiation doses could regulate resistance responses to re-establish the cellular homoeostasis condition through activation of an antioxidant defence system, such as an overproduction of phenolic compounds. Responses recorded in S. filipendula would be related to acclimation mechanisms against acute UV radiation stress, triggering resistance responses to avoid serious damage to the metabolic machinery, activating control systems to maintain hormesis, and homoeostasis of deleterious actions of reactive species, similar to the phenomenon known as preparation for oxidative stress. Finally, UV-visible absorption spectra showed absorption bands evidencing the presence of mainly UV-absorbing compounds with photoprotective function, such as phlorotannins, flavonoids and carotenoids, which could provide adaptive advantages for organisms exposed to UV radiation.

Keywords: algae; growth rate; photosynthetic pigments; proteins; ultraviolet radiation; UV-absorbing compounds.
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