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Deep-sea sharks as by-catch of an experimental fishing survey for black scabbardfishes (Aphanopus spp.) off the Canary Islands (NE Atlantic)
Mafalda Freitas, Luísa Costa, João Delgado, Sebastián Jiménez, Viriato Timóteo, Joana Vasconcelos, José A. González

The deep-sea sharks associated as by-catch of the Madeiran midwater drifting longline fishery for scabbardfishes (Aphanopus spp.) were investigated by means of an experimental survey at 800-1200 m depth within the Canary Islands Exclusive Economic Zone, whose fishing grounds have been exploited during the past 15 years. Nine species of chondrichthyans were identified, belonging to five families: Pseudotriakidae, Centrophoridae, Etmopteridae, Somniosidae and Chimaeridae. Data on length, weight and sex ratio for the 436 chondrichthyan individuals caught in the March 2009 survey are given. Several voucher specimens of each species caught were deposited in the collections of the Natural History Museum of Funchal.

Keywords: by-catch; deep-sea Chondrichthyes; midwater drifting longline; NE Atlantic
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