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Changes in catch and bycatch composition and in species diversity of a semi-floating shrimp-trap fishery in three eastern Atlantic island ecosystems with different degrees of human alteration
José G. Pajuelo, Raül Triay-Portella, João Delgado, Ana R. Góis, Sandra Correia, Albertino Martins, José A. González

Composition and bycatch of semi-floating shrimp-trap fisheries (SSTF) were compared among areas with different levels of anthropogenic alteration of marine ecosystems. The three areas selected were Madeira, the Canary Islands and Cape Verde. Mean species richness and diversity of the SSTF did not show significant differences among areas. The dominant species in catches of the SSTF for all regions studied was the main target species, Plesionika edwardsii, which accounted for 96.0% of the catch in Cape Verde, 75.8% in Madeira and 59.1% in the Canary Islands. Targeted pandalid shrimps accounted for more than 96.8% of total catches for all areas combined. Numbers of non-target species caught were 18 (Madeira), 14 (Canary Islands) and 16 (Cape Verde), of which 13 (Madeira), 8 (Canary Islands) and 11 (Cape Verde) were always discarded. Bycatch accounted for 0.5% (Madeira), 0.7% (Canary Islands) and 3.1% (Cape Verde) in numbers. Shark species accounted for 0.11% of all individuals caught. A total of 5 species in Madeira, 6 in the Canary Islands and 4 in Cape Verde, accounting for 0.2% to 0.8% of total catches, were not landed due to the small size of individuals or low numbers of individuals caught (self-consumption). The present results suggest that the selectivity of traps for the main target species, P. edwardsii, in SSTF changes due to changes in species dominance, which are probably linked to the degree of human fishing exploitation of the marine ecosystems in each area.

Keywords: abundance; diversity; bycatch; semi-floating shrimp traps; Plesionika edwardsii
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