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Antifouling efficacy of a controlled depletion paint formulation with acetophenone
Sangmok Jung, Mohandoss Sidharthan, Jihyun Lee, Hanjoo Lee, Jiyoung Jeon, Taehee Park, Junghyun Yoon, Jaehyuk Jeon, Hyunwoung Shin

Biofouling is an inevitable problem that occurs continually on marine fishing vessels and other small crafts. The nature of the antifouling (AF) coatings used to prevent biofouling on these small vessels is of great environmental concern. Therefore, the efficacy of a non-toxic AF candidate, acetophenone, was evaluated in preliminary laboratory assays using marine bacteria, diatom and Ulva spores. At a low concentration of 100 µg cm–2 of acetophenone, spore attachment of a green fouling alga was significantly reduced (p<0.01). Similarly, 40% acetophenone coatings significantly inhibited diatom attachment. This new non-toxic AF agent was incorporated into controlled depletion paint (CDP). Fouling coverage (%), biomass, and fouling resistance (%) were estimated. On CDP coatings made with acetophenone (40%), a significant decrease in fouling biomass was estimated (p<0.01).

Keywords: Ulva spores; antifouling; acetophenone; fouling biomass; fouling resistance; controlled depletion paint (CDP)
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