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A quantitative assessment of the cryptobenthic fish assemblage at deep littoral cliffs in the Mediterranean
Igor Glavičić, Dejan Paliska, Alen Soldo, Marcelo Kovačić

The present study provides the first quantitative assessment of cryptobenthic fish species diversity and abundance on hard bottoms below 20 m depth by examining Mediterranean underwater reefs with deep vertical cliffs. Quantitative sampling was performed at depths down to about 45 m and yielded 220 cryptobenthic and 61 epibenthic individuals belonging to 21 species, showing that the cryptobenthic fishes highly outnumbered the epibenthic individuals. The study highlights the high diversity and abundance of this unexplored part of the benthic fish community. The cryptobenthic fish assemblage was dominated by the family Gobiidae in terms of both biodiversity (>60% of all species) and abundance (>90% of all specimens). Fish species previously considered rare were present and some of them were even numerous in this assemblage. Three out of fourteen recorded habitat variables (depth, rocky cliff surface area vs. the bottom of the cliff area, and the presence of sand as the bottom substrate) were identified as significant for species occurrence. Species were generalist in their choice of shelters since the size and quantity of semi-caves, caves, cavities and even bio-cover type had no significant influence on the species distribution and abundance.

Keywords: cryptobenthic fishes; multivariate analysis; benthos; littoral zone; underwater cliffs; scuba diving
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