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Combining literature review, acoustic mapping and in situ observations: an overview of coralligenous assemblages in Liguria (NW Mediterranean Sea)

Almudena Cánovas Molina, Monica Montefalcone, Paolo Vassallo, Carla Morri, Carlo Nike Bianchi, Giorgio Bavestrello

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A review and update of the existing knowledge on the coralligenous assemblages of Liguria (NW Italy) was conducted as an essential step towards management measures for their conservation according to the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive. By combining a literature review, acoustic mapping and in situ observations on a geographic information systems platform, we were able to assess the distribution and heterogeneity of coralligenous assemblages and the main pressures affecting them. The reliability of the literature was previously estimated using a dependability index. The coralligenous assemblages cover an area of 130.9 ha and range from 10 to 113 m depth. Twelve different biological facies (five of them not included in the EUNIS list) were identified and four main geomorphotypes (plungingcliffs, paleocliffs, rockfalls and shoals) were recognized. Incident light values influenced the distribution of four facies in Portofino promontory. Pressures were found on 33% of the coralligenous assemblages investigated, mainly due to fishing activities, mass mortality events, invasive species and occasional mucilaginous events. Our results showed a high spatial, geomorphological and biological heterogeneity of coralligenous assemblages in Liguria.

Keywords: mapping; literature review; heterogeneity; coralligenous assemblages; NW Mediterranean Sea
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