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Culture viability of Sardina pilchardus (Fish, Teleost): Preliminary results of growth in captivity up to 18 months
José Iglesias, Lidia Fuentes

Larvae of Sardina pilchardus were obtained in captivity from fertilized eggs captured in the wild and grown in a 10000-L tank. Isochrysis galbana, Artemia franciscana nauplii and live zooplankton were used as prey during the first two weeks; afterwards, the animals were fed on Artemia metanauplii enriched with Isochrysis galbana. A dry feed (Gemma 0.4 and 0.8) from Skretting S.A. (Burgos, España) was supplied from the 3rd to the 18th month. The total length reached by sardines at one year of life was 162.02±9.49 mm, corresponding to a wet weight of 36.12±10.82 g. Total length of the last survivor individual at 18 months was 182.37 mm. An 18-month experiment of sardine culture is described for the first time, and the growth data reported can help to determine its potential as a candidate for marine aquaculture.

Keywords: Sardina pilchardus; sardine; culture viability; larval rearing; juvenile growth; feeding behaviour; swimming behaviour
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