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Yearly growth and metabolic changes in earthen pond-cultured meagre Argyrosomus regius
Luis Vargas-Chacoff, Ignacio Ruiz-Jarabo, Inês Páscoa, Odete Gonçalves, Juan Miguel Mancera

Metabolic modifications associated with natural environmental conditions were assessed in the meagre Argyrosomus regius cultured in earthen ponds under natural photoperiod and temperature. Juvenile specimens (90-100 g initial weight) were sampled (plasma, liver and muscle) every two months for 18 months (between December 2004 and May 2006). Specimens showed seasonal variations in growth rate, with the highest values in spring and summer. Plasmatic, hepatic and muscular metabolite levels and hepatic and muscular metabolic enzymes also showed significant variations throughout the year. Enzymatic activity related to carbohydrate metabolism in the liver (HK, FBPase and G6PDH) showed great modifications in summer, increasing glycogenogenic pathways, while amino acid metabolism (GDH and GOT activity) was enhanced in spring and summer. However lipid-related (G3PDH activity) metabolic enzymes did not show a clear seasonal pattern. In muscle, enzymatic activity related to amino acid, lipid and lactate metabolism (LDH-O activity), but not carbohydrate metabolism, showed seasonal changes in parallel with changes in growth rate. Thus A. regius specimens showed a trend to grow in summer months and mobilize their energy reserves in winter. Differences in the hepatic level were observed between the first and the second year of the study, suggesting the possible existence of metabolic changes related to specimen age or size. Our results indicate that growth and metabolic responses in A. regius are environmentally dependent and that this species is a very good candidate for diversification in aquaculture.

Keywords: Argyrosomus regius; energy; growth; metabolic parameters; ponds; seasons
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