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Searching for a stock structure in Sardina pilchardus from the Adriatic and Ionian seas using a microsatellite DNA-based approach
Paolo Ruggeri, Andrea Splendiani, Sara Bonanomi, Enrico Arneri, Nando Cingolani, Alberto Santojanni, Sabrina Colella, Fortunata Donato, Massimo Giovannotti and Vincenzo Caputo Barucchi

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In the present study the genetic variability of European sardine from Adriatic and Ionian seas was investigated in order to detect the occurrence of genetic structure within and between these basins. In several samples the analysis of genetic variability at eight microsatellite loci showed a number of homozygote individuals higher than expected at Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. The inter-population differentiation level estimated by AMOVA, qST and rRST and Bayesian descriptors detected no signs of population differentiation between the samples analysed. These results are consistent with previous studies based on allozymes and several mitochondrial DNA markers and add further evidence contradicting the early identification, based on morphological and reproductive data, of two sub-populations in the Adriatic Sea.

Keywords: microsatellite DNA, population genetics, European sardine, stock identification method, small pelagic fish, Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea.
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