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Population connectivity among geographic variants within the Lutjanidae (Pisces) of the Mexican Pacific coast through fish scale shape recognition
Ana L. Ibáñez, Elaine Espino-Barr and Manuel Gallardo-Cabello

Fish scale shape was used to identify geographic variants among Lutjanidae (Lutjanus argentiventris, L. guttatus and L. peru). Specimens were collected from three different geographic areas, north to south of the tropical Pacific coast of Mexico: Puerto Vallarta (PV), Manzanillo (MA) and Caleta de Campos (CC). Configuration of landmark coordinates of fish scales were scaled, translated and rotated using generalized procrustes analysis, followed by principal components analysis of resulting shape coordinates. Principal component scores were submitted to cross-validated discriminant analysis to determine the efficacy of scale landmarks for discrimination by geographic variants. This was done with shape and form (shape plus size). PV and MA were recognized as one population different from the CC sampling area. Using only shape (without size), identification rates predicted geographic variant membership much better than chance (91.3%, 70.6% and 85.4% for L. argentiventris, L. guttatus and L. peru, respectively), and taking size into account, classification is somewhat improved (90.6%, 80.1% and 87.5% for L. argentiventris, L. guttatus and L. peru, respectively). Consistency of the two populations for the three species shows non-fortuitous events. Population discrimination confirmed previous genetic studies that show a zoogeographic barrier between the North Equatorial Current and the California Current. The method is non-destructive, fast and less expensive than genetic analysis, thus allowing screening of many individuals for traceability of fish.

Keywords: scale shape, population discrimination, fish traceability, Lutjanidae, Mexican Pacific, geometric morphometrics
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