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Lithistid sponges from submarine caves in the Mediterranean: taxonomy and affinities
Andrzej Pisera and Jean Vacelet

Several lithistid sponges are described from Mediterranean caves occurring in the northwestern and Adriatic basins. In the Corallistidae, Neoschrammeniella bowerbanki and Neophrissospongia nolitangere are recorded for the first time from the Mediterranean, whereas Neophrissospongia radjae n. sp. and Neophrissospongia endoumensis n. sp. are described as new. In the Theonellidae, the common sponge previously identified as Discodermia polydiscus is described as Discodermia polymorpha n. sp. Fossil specimens from the 3PP cave are tentatively attributed to Neoschrammeniella bowerbanki. The distribution and affinities of this lithistid fauna are discussed.

Keywords: Porifera, lithistids, new species, Mediterranean Sea, submarine caves, biogeographic affinities, fossilized sponges
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