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Deep-water Mangeliinae, Taraninae and Clathurellinae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Conoidea: Turridae) from the Campos Basin, southeast Brazil
Raquel Medeiros Andrade Figueira and Ricardo Silva Absalão

During the program “Environmental Characterization of the Campos Basin, RJ, Brazil”, from 2001 to 2003, samples were taken of soft bottoms from the continental slope of Campos Basin (off southeast Brazil) by the Research Vessel “Astro-Garoupa” with a 0.25 m2 box corer or by dredging with a Charcot dredge; 117 stations with depths from 700 to 1950 m were sampled. There were molluscs in all samples, and among Gastropoda the Turridae showed the highest diversity. Here we present the results obtained for the subfamilies Mangeliinae, Taraninae and Clathurellinae. Two species were found within Mangeliinae: Benthomangelia cf. macra (Watson, 1881) and Benthomangelia enceladus n. sp. Within Taraninae only one undescribed species was found: Taranis tanata n. sp. Within Clathurellinae we found four species: Corinnaeturris leucomata (Dall, 1881), recorded for the first time in the South Atlantic; Corinnaeturris rhysa (Watson, 1881), extending its described depth range; Corinnaeturris angularis n. sp., Typhlomangelia nivalis (Lovén, 1846), expanding its known distribution farther south; and Drilliola pulchella (Verrill, 1880). The type material of Drilliola loprestiana (Calcara, 1841), previously considered lost, has been located and is illustrated here. Drilliola crispata (Cristofori and Jan, 1832) is considered to be a nomen dubium.

Keywords: deep-water, Conoidea, Benthomangelia, Taranis, Corinnaeturris, Typhlomangelia, Drilliola, southwestern Atlantic
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