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First data on reproduction and growth of Buenia affinis Iljin, 1930 (Gobiidae) in the northern Adriatic Sea
Marcelo Kovačić and Mario La Mesa

De Buen’s goby, Buenia affinis, is a very small Mediterranean goby (38.8 mm TL) inhabiting sandy infralittoral bottoms and known only from a few published records. Some aspects of reproduction and growth of B. affinis were investigated from a population collected in the Kvarner area (north-eastern Adriatic Sea). Sampling was carried out by SCUBA diving between May 2003 and April 2004. The sex ratio did not differ significantly. The estimated length at sexual maturity was 26.1 and 27.4 mm for females and males, respectively. The spawning season extended from February to July. The absolute fecundity (F) ranged from 457 to 714 eggs per individual (mean ± SE, 556 ± 25). Based on the length frequency distribution analysis throughout the year and seasonal growth bands on sagittal otoliths, B. affinis was assumed to be an annual species.

Keywords: Gobiidae, Buenia affinis, reproduction, growth, sex ratio
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