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Seasonal variations in the growth of anchovy larvae (Engraulis anchoita) on the Argentine coastal shelf
Ezequiel Leonarduzzi, Daniel R. Brown and Ramiro P. Sánchez

Age and growth rates of the anchovy larvae (Engraulis anchoita) in Argentine waters were estimated by analysing daily growth increments in sagittal otoliths under light microscope. The samples were collected during 2000 on the Argentine coastal shelf using a Bongo net. A total of 251 larvae were analysed (size range 3.5 to 12.2 mm standard length). Length-at-age and standard length-otolith radius relationships were best described by linear models. We put forward the hypothesis of differential larval growth in anchovy in relation to seasonality. Mean growth rates at four days before capture were determined by back-calculation and analysed in relation to temperature. The growth rate values obtained from the linear growth models were 0.51 mm day-1 (spring), 0.41 mm day-1 (summer) and 0.42 mm day-1 (autumn). Significant variations were detected between spring and summer and between spring and autumn. These variations do not seem to be associated with a thermal influence.

Keywords: anchovy, Engraulis anchoita, larval growth, otoliths, age
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