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In vivo fluorescence/chlorophyll a ratio as an ecological indicator in oceanography
M. Estrada, C. Marrasé and J. Salat

This article reviews the main factors affecting the in vivo fluorescence versus chlorophyll relationships of phytoplankton and presents a case study based on data from three oceanographic cruises carried out, at different times of the year, in the Catalan-Balearic Sea. In al1 three surveys, the in vivo fluorescence/chlorophyll ratio of the upper euphotic layer samples presented a diel variability with a minimum at or before noon time. The relationships between the spatio-temporal distribution of this variability and characteristics of photosynthesis versus irradiance curves obtained during each cruise are discussed.

Keywords: Phytoplankton, fluorescence to chlorophyll ratios, quenching, diel variability.
Contents of this volume Sci. Mar. 60(Suppl.1) : 317-325 Back PDF
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