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The reproductive biology of Diplodus sargus sargus in the Gulf of Tunis (central Mediterranean)
Nejla Mouine, Patrice Francour, Mohamed-Hédi ktari and Nadia Chakroun-Marzouk

The sexual activity of Diplodus sargus sargus in the Gulf of Tunis takes place from January to May. Spawning occurs in spring (March to May), as the water temperature rises from 15 to 18°C, just after the winter minimum. The spawning period increases as the latitude decreases. The overall male to female ratio was statistically different from unity. Size at sexual maturity (TL50) was 21 cm (4 years old). The length-weight relationship for all individuals was described by the following parameters: a = 0.015 and b = 3.051. D. s. sargus from the Gulf of Tunis is a rudimentary hermaphrodite with partial protandry.

Keywords: Diplodus sargus, reproduction, hermaphroditism, protandry, length-weight relationship, Tunisia.
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