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Hydromedusae (Cnidaria) of the Chilean southern channels (from Corcovado Gulf to Pulluche-Chacabuco Channels)
Sergio Palma, Pedro Apablaza and Nelson Silva

Hydromedusae collected in epipelagic waters of the channels in southern Chile, between the Corcovado Gulf and the Pulluche-Chacabuco channels, were analysed. A total of 23 species were identified and recorded for the first time in this region. The most abundant species were Hydractinia minuta (44.4%), Clytia spp. (21.0%), Solmundella bitentaculata (14.5%), and Amphogona apicata (9.8%). H. minuta was the only species whose maximum abundance occurred in interior, low temperature, low salinity waters. Most of the species identified in the southern channels are common inhabitants of the Humboldt Current System, although a rare species (Heterotiara minor) was recorded for the first time in Chilean waters. High-diversity values (> 2.5 bits) were recorded in the oceanic waters of the adjacent Pacific Ocean.

Keywords: Hydrozoa, medusae, distribution, diversity, southern channels, Chile.
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