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The genus Novafabricia Fitzhugh, 1990 (Polychaeta: Sabellidae: Fabriciinae) along the Italian coast (Mediterranean Sea) with a description of N. posidoniae n.sp.
Margherita Licciano and Adriana Giangrande

The new species, Novafabricia posidoniae is described for the Mediterranean Sea, and Novafabricia sp. cf. N. infratorquata (Fitzhugh, 1983) is reported for the eastern Mediterranean basin. The genus Novafabricia Fitzhugh, 1990, represented up to now in the Mediterranean only by N. infratorquata, is recorded for the first time along the Italian coast. Novafabricia posidoniae belongs to the group of Novafabricia species with pseudospatulate chaetae present in thoracic chaetigers 3-5. The addition of this new species raises the number of Novafabricia species to 10.

Keywords: Fabriciinae, Novafabricia posidoniae, Polychaeta, Sabellidae, Mediterranean Sea, Posidonia rhizomes.
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