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Population characteristics of the neustonic isopod Idotea metallica (Crustacea, Isopoda, Idoteidae) in the western Mediterranean (June 1993)
P. Abelló and R.J. Frankland

The population structure and reproductive condition of the neustonic isopod Idotea metallica was determined from samples collected in June 1993 during a plankton cruise off the Catalan coast (western Mediterranean). Sexes were distinguishable from a size of around 4 mm total length. Both male and female size population structure were found to be polymodal. Ovigerous females were found at sizes larger than 13 mm and a mean size at sexual maturity of 14.9 mm was estimated. Brood size varied between 30 and 182 embryos per female and was positively correlated with female size.

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