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Fish and cephalopods associated with the squid Loligo vulgaris Lamarck, 1798 in Portuguese waters
J.M.F. Pereira, M. Morais da Cunha and A. Moreno

Fish and cephalopod taxa occurring in association with Loligo vulgaris, in Portuguese waters between Lisbon and Vila Real de Santo António, were investigated by sampling with bottom trawling equipment between 1990-1991 and 1993-1995. The family Triglidae, the genera Pagellus and Trachurus and the four species Alloteuthis subulata, Boops boops, Callionymus lyra, and Merluccius merluccius were found, on average, in at least 75% of the trawls with L. vulgaris. Conversely, that cephalopod was found in at least 75% of the trawls with the family Trachinidae, the genera Dentex, Diplodus, Liza and Torpedo and the six species, Hyperoplus lanceolatus, Pagrus pagrus, Pomatoschistus m. minutus, Psetta m. maxima, Scophthalmus rhombus and Spicara flexuosa. An index of "affinity" (ranging from -∞ to 1) between L. vulgaris and the other taxa was used in order to highlight co-occurrences of an unlikely coincidental nature. Lists of taxa with high affinity index scores (0.5 to 1) are given for 5 different situations: all samples together; samples grouped by bottom depth; samples grouped by research cruise; research cruises grouped by season and by year. Pair wise comparisons between all taxa lists for each of the 5 situations were made, indicating a greater influence of depth than any other factor in the composition of the lists. The significance of the degree of similarity between lists of taxa, "preferred" under different circumstances and the reasons for those "preferences" are discussed.

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