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Descripción de dos nuevas especies de monógenos microcotiloideos, parásitos de peces marinos de la costa noreste de Venezuela
J.L. Fuentes Zambrano

DESCRIPTION OF TWO NEW SPECIES OF MICROCOTILOIDS, MONOGENEAN PARASITES IN MARINE FISH FROM THE NORTH EASTERN COST OF VENEZUELA.- Two new species monogenean, found in gills of marine fish from the north easter cost of Venezuela are described: Kannaphalus mochimae found in Acanthurus coeruleus (Acanthuridae) and Allopyragraphorus marinae found in Strongylura marina (Belonidae). K. mochimae differs from K. virilis Unnithan, 1957 in shaped and location of the genitals and number of clamps and testis(K. mochimae posses 69 to 76 and 15 - 20 respectively, while K. virilis has 33 at 46 and more than 100 respectively). On the order hand, K. lateriporis Mamaev, 1988, another related species, has different structure and form of the vagina, asymmetrical clamps and copulatory organ displaying a short styled. K. univaginalis Ramalimgam, 1960 presents only one vaginal pore, while K. mochimae presents two pore. A. marinae differs from the other three described species of genus in: body size, form of the opisthaptor, number of clamps, number and arrangement of testis, and shaped and arrangement of the ovary. Key to the species of the genera Kannaphalus and Allopyragraphorus are provided.

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