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Evaluation of three length-based methods for estimating growth in tropical fishes: The red snapper Lutjanus campechanus of the Campeche Bank (Mexico)
C. Leonce-Valencia and O. Defeo

Growth of the red snapper Lutjanus campechanus off the Campeche Bank was estimated by the length-based methods ELEFAN, SLCA and PROJMAT, the last two applied for the first time to this resource. The jackknife technique was applied to deal with uncertainty in growth estimates resulting from chance variations in sampling design. Results differed among methods: ELEFAN overestimated L∞, whereas PROJMAT and SLCA gave parameter estimates within the range reported in the literature. Results derived from jackknife analysis revealed lowest variability in the precision estimators -percent error and coefficient of variation- when applying SLCA and PROJMAT. Estimates of the comparative growth index f´ agreed with those observed for different geographic regions (between 2.92 and 3.19), except for ELEFAN. We suggest to abandon the use of the ELEFAN method in favour of recently developed SLCA and PROJMAT.

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