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Age and growth of the squid Abraliopsis pfefferi (Oegopsida: Enoploteuthidae) from the Central-East Atlantic based on statolith microstructure
A.I. Arkhipkin

Statolith microstructure was studied in 29 specimens of the small micronectonic enoploteuthid squid Abraliopsis pfefferi (20-33 mm mantle length) captured in the open waters of the western part of the Gulf of Guinea in September 1988. Growth increments in statoliths were well-resolved and grouped into three almost translucent growth zones that could be distinguished mainly by increment width. Assuming growth increments as daily, as in other squids studied, males of A. pfefferi mature at ages ca 120- 130 d, whereas females live up to 150- 160 d. During its mature ontogenetic phase, A. pfefferi grow slowly (0.5-0.6% of mantle length per day). The main features of the life style in comparison with other squids are small adult sizes, fast maturity rates and two-three recruitments during one year.

Keywords: statolith, age, growth, Abraliopsis pfefferi, squid.
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