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Growth and Mortality of Indian Mackerel (Rastrelliger kanagurta) and slender scad (Decapterus russelli) off the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia
M.I. Mansor and S. Abdullah

The Indian mackerel (Rastrelliger kanagurta) and round scad (Decapterus spp.)are small pelagic species distributed in the east and west coast of Peninsular Malaysia as well as in the Southeast Asian region. The landings from 1980 to 1991 indicated that the catch of Indian mackerel off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia decreased from 35,390 mt in 1981 to 14,400 mt in 1991 as compared to round scad (Decapterus spp.) which increased from 4,750 mt in 1982 to 39,620 mt in 1991. The average of 11 years of data indicated that 86% of mackerels were contributed by purse seine, 11% were caught by drift net and less than 2% captured by hook and lines and trawl nets. While 96.2% of round scads were landed by purse seine, 3% were caught by hook and line and less than 1 % by trawl nets and drift nets. Combined length-weight relationships of juvenile, male and female Indian mackerel and round scad (Decapterus spp.) were W=3.035 x 10-6 L3.2453 and W=7.528 x10-6 L3.0515 respectively. The growth parameters of both species were determined using electronic length frequency analysis (ELEFAN) module in the FiSAT program. Since these two species are migratory stocks, it is believed that the stocks are shared between boardering countries. This leads to the importance of studying morphometric characteristics for determining various stocks of bothspecies from different geographical region.

Keywords: Growth, mortality, Rastrelliger, Decapterus, FiSAT.
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