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Presence of early life stages of Opisthonema libertate (Günther 1866) in Bahia Concepción, Baja California sur, Mexico (1990-1991)
M.S. Cota Meza and M.S. Muñetón-Gómez

Our objective was to determine the incidence of eggs and larvae of the crinuda sardine, Opisthonema libertate, in Bahía Concepción, Baja California Sur. Surveys were conducted in July 1990, May 1991, and October 1991, using two different methods. One survey was made as a one time sampling at stations around the bay during the three dates listed. When the samples were taken, the surface water temperature was recorded. A second survey involved 24 hour sampling at one station at the mouth of the bay during May 1991, with samples taken every hour. The surface water temperature and tidal level were recorded every hour as the samples were taken. The abundance of organisms as a function of tidal level is discussed. The abundance is shown to be correlated with the tidal level.

Keywords: Eggs, larvae, distribution, Opisthonema libertate, Bahía Concepción.
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