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The fishery of horse mackerel (Trachurus symmetricus murphyi) in the South Pacific Ocean, with notes on the fishery off central-southern Chile
H. Arancibia, L. Cubillos, D. Arcos, A. Grechina and L. Vilugron

Trachurus symmetricus murphyi supports one of the largest Trachurus fisheries in the world. It is the main fishing resource in Chile and has also been exploited by an international fishery off the Chilean and Peruvian Economical Exclusive Zone. In this paper, the fishery and several aspects of the population of T. s. murphyi are analyzed, including annual catches by fishery unit, age composition, abundance and biomass, recruitment, fishing mortality, and annual surplus production in the South Pacific Ocean. Furthermore, fishing effort and catch per unit effort for the fishery off central-southern Chile (33ºS - 40ºS) are also analyzed. The study covers from 1978 to 1993, using the available information sources: (a) Russian data for 13 years obtained in Peruvian and international waters; and (b) historical data from all Chilean fishery units. The population of T. s. murphyi in the South Pacific Ocean grew in abundance and biomass from 1978 to 1988- 1990, reaching up to 15 million tons. Total annual landings showed a peak of 3.5 millions tons in 1991, followed by a decreasing trend to 1993 (ca. 3 millions tons). The age composition of T. s. murphyi in the annual catches showed that the individuals from 3 to 6 years-old support the fishery. From 1987 to 1992 there occurred an alteration in the age composition due to the incorporation of some very heavy and very weak year classes. It is concluded that the present state of T. s. murphyi is moderate overexploitation, with a satisfactory perspective for the fishery because three strong year classes have been detected in the most recent years.

Keywords: Stock assessment, horse mackerel, pelagic fishery, central-southern Chile, South Pacific Ocean.
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