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Desarrollo larvario de Choromytilus chorus en condiciones de laboratorio
G.C. Bellolio, A. Toledo, E. Dupré M.

LARVAL DEVELOPMENT OF CHOROMYTILUS CHORUS (MOLINA, 1782) REARED IN LABORATORY.- Larval development of the mussel Choromytilus chorus (Molina, 1782) reared at 19 ± 1ºC under laboratory condition, is described from trochophore stage to metamorphosis using light and scanning electron microscopy. The pyriform trochophore measures 69.4 µm of length and developed by about 9 to 19 hours post-fertilization. Theearly D stage veliger developed by 44 hours postfertilization and the total larval stage is about 27 days in duration. The ready to metamorphose veliger larvae have a mean length of 342.4 µm. The provinculum has 24 to 28 teeth in each valve, the marginal teeth grow during development. No posterior adductor muscle was observed before metamorphosis. The development of C. chorus follows in general that described for other mytilids. Some differences in larval morphology to that of other bivalves like ornamentation of prodissoconch I, velar structure and hinge morphology are discussed.

Keywords: mollusca, bivalvia, mytilidae, larval development, morphology, SEM.
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