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Non-pelagic development of Capitella capitata (Polychaeta) in the littoral zone of Barcelona, Spain
Nuria Méndez

Development of Capitella capitata inside the parental tube has been described using preserved samples collected in front of Barcelona. Differentiation between eggs and larvae were made according to size of embryos (eggs: 0.253 to 0.335 mm in diameter; larvae: 0.348 to 0.450 mm in length), and the presence of eyes in larvae. The trochophore stage has been considered up to a length of 0.435 mm and a slight differentiation of segments. Metatrochophore stage is attained at 0.450 mm, with a chaetal arrangement similar to that of juveniles and a clearly visible delineation of segments. The presence of such larvae inside the parental tube, as well as the absence of ciliary rings suggest that populations of C. capitata in Barcelona show a completely benthic development which is typical of many opportunistic species.

Keywords: Capitella capitata, Polychaetes, embryonic development, opportunistic species, Barcelona.
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