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Temporal variation of the biomass and structure of Caulerpa prolifera (Forsskal) Lamouroux meadows in the Mar Menor lagoon (SE Spain)
Jorge Terrados, J.D. Ros

The temporal changes in the structure, biomass and C, N and P content of meadows of Caulerpa prolifera (Forsskal) Lamouroux in the Mar Menor coastal lagoon (SE Spain) are described over the period from November 1986 to March 1989. C. prolifera meadows showed a unimodal pattern of vegetative development with maximum biomass values (168-173 g d.w. m-2) reached in summer and maintained during autumn, and minimum biomass values (0-57 g d.w. m-2) during late winter and early spring. Leaf area index values changed between 0.37-0.40 m2 m-2 in January-February and 2.60-7.06 m2 m-2 in July. The seasonality in the biomass and structure of the meadow was mainly related to the vegetative development of the secondary fronds. Carbon and phosphorus content of the thallus (32.5-34.8% d.w. and 0.065-0.069% d.w., respectively) had no seasonality, but nitrogen content showed a bimodal annual pattern with higher values in spring and fall (>2.5% d.w.) than in summer and winter (<2.5% d.w.).

Keywords: Biomass, meadow structure, Caulerpa prolifera, coastal lagoons, Mar Menor, SE Spain.
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