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Analysis of gear interactions in a hake fishery: The case of the Gulf of Lions (NW Mediterranean)
Yvonne Aldebert, Laura Recasens, Jordi Lleonart

The hake of the Gulf of Lions is the most important target species of the demersal fishery. It is exploited by four types of gear (two trawls. gillnet and longline) used by two countries (France and Spain). Some analyses of its dynamics, based on 1988 length frequency data by gear, have been performed. These analyses consisted in a VPA (Virtual Population Analysis), plus a Y/R (Yield per Recruit analysis) carried out on two parameter scenarios by sex, under a steady state hypothesis (with constant recruitment). Some estimates of biomass and exploitation level were obtained, and sensitivity to the biological parameters and interaction between types of gear were studied. As a main conclusion, it can be seen that the types of gear fishing mainly small individuals (trawls) have a great influence on the others (gillnets and longlines). It is certain that the stock is overexploited.

Keywords: Assessment, gear interaction, hake, Gulf of Lions, NW Mediterranean.
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