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Calculation of runoff to an estuary. Ria de Vigo
A.F. Ríos, M.A. Nombela, F.F. Pérez, G. Roson and F. Fraga

Runoff thatreaches an estuary was estimated as a function of daily rainfall in thedrainage basin when the daily measurements of river flows are not available.This method is applied to the rivers flowing into the Ría de Vigo and comparedwith the River Deza that reaches the Ría de Arosa where the daily flow andrainfall are known. The optimum value of the retention coefficient (k =0.75) is calculated. The distribution of flow calculated from the equationobtained and the surface salinity of the Ría de Vigo were related and asignificant correlation (0.69) obtained. The values of estimated flows obtainedby the proposed method are enough reliable to be used in studies of estuarine residualcurrents using the box model.

Keywords: Runoff, drainage basin, flows, rivers, Ría de Vigo (NW of Spain).
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