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Age, growth and sexuality of sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax (Linnaeus, 1758) (Perciformes, Moronidae) from Aveiro lagoon, Portugal
Leonel Serrano Gordo

Some aspects of the biology of Dicentrarchus labrax were studied based on 2190 sea bass from monthly catches in the Aveiro lagoon from November 1985 to December 1987. All specimens were immature. The length frequency distribution by age groups showed that the 1987 cohort (age group 0) represented about 50% of the total; the 1986 and 1985 cohorts (age groups I and II, respectively) could still be found but in decreasing numbers. Bass with 3+years were very rare. Bass enter the lagoon in June/July with a length of about 30 mm, attain a mean lenght of 166 mm (= 47.6 g) at the end of their first year of life, and move seawards with approximately 213 mm long (= 100.9 g) at age 2+. The greatest increase in length occurred during the Summer months when water temperature reach their highest values.

Keywords: Sea bass, age, growth, sexuality, Aveiro lagoon, Portugal.
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