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A general approach to the in situ energy budget of Eudendrium racemosum (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) in the Western Mediterranean
M. Barangé, M. Zabala, T. Riera and J.M. Gili

An in situ energy budget of the hydropolyp Eudendrium racemosum (Cavolini, 1785) is presented. Ingestion and respiration rates and ammonium excretion were studied over two 24 h cycles, with two-hour sample intervals. The species ingested as much as 25.9% of its own biomass per day (minimum rate). Respiration was 1.62 ml O2 g-1 d w h-1 while excretion was 13.6 mM NH4 g-1dw h-1. We estimated that the species increased its biomass at a rate of 9.6% per day (Growth + Reproduction). This value is higher than those previously reported for other cnidarians. We can assume that the capacity of E. racemosum to survive - albeit for a limited period of the year - in the highly-competitive shallow-water communities is based on its high growth rate.

Keywords: Eudendrium racemosum, energy budget, ecological strategies, Western Mediterranean.
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