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Performances and use of energy in intertidal systems related to random disturbances and thermal stress
F.X. Niell, M. Espejo, J.A. Fernández and P. Algarra

Physionomical characteristics of the vegetation found in intertidal systems on the boundary between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea are discussed, taking into account the special environmental disturbances and the stress that the to which plants are subjected. Main performances are compared with a north-western temperate intertidal vegetation (Vigo). Special comments on succession are devoted to discussing the unsuccessful colonization of denuded surfaces, on which dissipative behaviour is observed and T-1 dimensional variable (P:B) estimated. Normal structuration away from equilibrium maintenance and unpredictable behaviour are described at different levels of stress and disturbances, related to Grime's model of adaptation.

Keywords: intertidal communities, successional process, energy flow, P:B ratio, dissipation.
Contents of this volume Sci. Mar. 53(2-3) : 293-299 Back PDF
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