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Ophiuroids from the western coast of Africa (Namibia and Guinea-Bissau)
Victor Alvà, Catherine Vadon

Thirty species of ophiuroids were collected in the eastern Atlantic Ocean between 10º N and 29º S at depths between 0 and 1400 m on surveys in Guinea-Bissau, Namibia, and the Valdivia Bank carried out by the Instituto de Ciencias del Mar in Barcelona. Three species (Ophiochiton ternispinus, Ophiernus alepidotus and Ophiura (O.) ljungmani) are reported for the first time in the Southeast Atlantic, and the distribution ranges of another four species (Astrodenclrctm capensis, second record; Amphiura (A.) grandisquama natalensis; Ophiura (O.) trimeni; and Ophiura (Ophiuroglypha) costata tumida) are extended from the Indian Ocean to the Eastern Atlantic.

Keywords: Ophiuroidea, Eastern Atlantic, Guinea-Bissau, Namibia.
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